Job Opportunities After University: Becoming an Online Game Developer

Sure, it's fun to play video games, but how about making them?
September 10, 2019
4 mins read

The gaming world is one that continues to move at an increasingly rapid rate, which is mainly thanks to the the accelerating pace of technological advancement. This makes it the perfect industry to jump aboard. From developing content for the online world, to creating games for console, PC and mobile, gaming now includes everything from cool online casino games at Royal Vegas CA to Nintendo Switch “Superhot.” This ultimately means the industry is an intriguing prospect where there’s a lot of potential for career progression.

A good path into the field is through university, where students can get a degree in any one of several subjects that give you a leg up when looking for work in the gaming industry; computer games technology, computer games development, computer science, interactive media and mathematics are all worth considering, and when combined with a internship, the chances of making it into the industry increase.

It’s highly likely that most people stepping into the gaming industry following university will have some experience gaming, and this will be a great benefit. Beginning life as a quality assurance tester is the path that many find themselves in when they take their initial steps into game development. Combining this role with gaming experience is fantastic, with salaries at this early stage possibly reaching up to $44,000. As mentioned above, there’s a lot of room for career progression in the industry, with more experienced workers able to achieve salaries well in excess of $100,000..

As well as being able to earn good money and progress on the career front, there are plenty of other positives to consider when it comes to becoming an online game developer. If a graduate has a love and passion for gaming, developing content will be their dream job. Not only will they be able to play the games, they will be making them too, and doing so is a very fun opportunity.

If a person has played a role in the development of a new game that manages to become very popular, it will be exciting to know that they played a part in something big and was partly responsible for the success. There’s always the chance that millions of people around the world will be playing a particular game, and it’s extremely exciting to find out that you’ve played such a big part in so many people’s lives.

It’s also fantastic to know that there are many routes into gaming, with courses and qualifications not posing as big of a hurdle as they do in other industries. There are multiple courses that will give students a leg up into game development, and they could even be on topics that don’t seem to relate on first glance, such as mathematics (but trust me, you’re going to need a pretty good grasp of the subject once you get into complex algorithms).

There’s no longer the struggle that there once was to break into gaming development, as there are smaller studios around now instead of just the industry heavyweights. Individuals and small teams are even now developing and producing content of their own, which is another positive, especially for those wishing to have the flexibility of that freelance lifestyle.

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