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Consider investing in a quality phone grip to avoid shattering your mobile devices.

Imagine this. Walking down the street on a beautiful crisp fall morning. Everything seems well in the world and before reflexes kick in, something bad happens. Laying on the ground is a once perfect phone that has just shattered. Right before bed, a phone screen is right above your face and it slips out of your grip. Everyone knows the pain of a phone straight to the nose, especially when it’s completely unexpected. Trying to record a new favorite workout at the gym and having to find a place to prop up a phone just right when, all of a sudden, it falls and the shot is ruined. These are situations everyone has dealt with and it is such a pain. All phone grips lately are so bulky, don’t support wireless charging, come off too easy … name it and there is a problem that really needs a solution.

Welcome OhSnap into the scene. This is called the phone grip that doesn’t suck. It is a non-invasive, premium phone grip that is so simple and easy to use. It adheres directly to your phone without sacrificing fashion and preventing bulk. OhSnap is so sleek and sexy that people won’t even notice it is on the back of their phone until they need it.

OhSnap’s design was in the making for a long time before getting it just right. It’s less than 3 millimeters thick. The traditional phone grip is 7 millimeters. That is over double the size and it gets caught on everything. After installation, pressing the center circle of the OhSnap releases the finger band. The band releases as a “U” shape where consumers can either use it as a grip or hook the ends together to make it a complete loop. When a finger is through the loop, phone drops are next to impossible. Imagine how much money that would save.

The finger band also supports the phone so that OhSnap can be used as a kickstand. The viewing angle is perfect and this allows people to watch videos on their phone completely hands-free without having to haul another accessory around. This grip is also magnetic. Attach it to a fridge while you’re in the kitchen. Attach it to the top of a hood on the car while you’re working. In the gym by yourself and need to film something? Attach it to any metal machine or place on a wall. There are endless possibilities with how OhSnap makes multitasking so much easier.

Switching between portrait mode and landscape mode is so easy with the 360 degree rotating finger band. Slide the colored portion of the OhSnap up and down so that the entire screen can be reached. This is the ultimate phone grip.

Anyone who has a phone needs to get on board and revolutionize the way cell phones are being used. OhSnap has completely taken over the phone grip market. Those who are interested in getting this awesome grip at a huge discount can head over to their campaign page here.   

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