5 Must-Watch Films That Inaccurately Raised Your Expectations for Collеge5 Must-Watch Films That Inaccurately Raised Your Expectations for Collеge
5 Must-Watch Films That Inaccurately Raised Your Expectations for Collеge

5 Must-Watch Films That Misleadingly Raised Your Expectations for Collеge

If anyone ever wanted to film a realistic movie about college, they would get the director from ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop,’ not Darren Aronofsky.
May 21, 2018
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After graduating from high school, most kids can’t wait to go to college. They are anxious about the moment when they will arrive on campus and when it will all start.

What it will be like, and how is it going to be different from high school? These are only some of the questions you might ask yourself before going to university. Probably, you hope that you will meet new people, go to parties every evening and have lots of fun all the time. The campus will be full of students that have gone there with the single hope of having a great time.

Part of what forms these expectations for colleges are the movies and media you consume before you ever get to campus. Once you arrive, however, you will immediately notice that life in college is different from the vivid picture you have in your mind simply because, occasionally, in movies, college life is exaggerated.

Still, there are numerous such college-related movies that are definitely worth your while; whether you want serious or side-splitting, there is definitely a college film for every mood. Here, though, are a few of the must-watch films inspired by college lifestyle.

1. 21

“21” is undoubtedly one of the must-watch movies inspired by college lifestyle. It all starts when Ben Campbell is accepted into the Harvard Medical School. The problem is that he does not have enough money to pay the fee. That is why he applies for a scholarship that will solve his financial problems.

Professor Micky Rosa decides to invite Ben to join his blackjack team. By using a system of signals, as well as card counting, usually used at online blackjack or 21, they successfully beat casinos. Still, Ben is tempted to get more and more money and forgets about the limits.


2. Legally Blonde

“Legally Blonde” is an American comedy that received lots of positive reviews. It tells the story of Elle Woods, a rich, popular, pretty student. It all starts when her boyfriend breaks up with her because he thinks she is not serious enough.

Determined to win him back, Elle Woods decides to go to study at Harvard Law School, which turns out to be quite hard. This is the point at which everything changes. There, she surprises not only herself, but others as well, because she proves that she is much smarter than they have expected.

3. Mona Lisa Smile

“Mona Lisa Smile” is one more movie that is definitely worth watching. Here, Julia Roberts plays the role of the free-spirited Katherine Watson who teaches art history in the all-girl Wellesley College.

The movie is set in 1953 when the role of the women is strictly defined. Even though the college has a good reputation, the success of the students is determined by “how well” their students marry. Watson tries to inspire her students, to make them imagine the future in an entirely new manner, something that is not acceptable at that time.

4. The Social Network

The Social Network” is based on the story of Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook, thus becoming one of the youngest billionaires in the world. The movie shows how it all started in one of the dorms in Harvard.

The decision to connect the social lives of the students puts the onset of his project. What follows next is even more exciting and intriguing as students who claim that Zuckerberg stole their idea appear. The plot features various twist and turns that make the movie really exhilarating.

5. Runner Runner

“Runner Runner” is a crime thriller that tells the story of Richie Furst, a young man who was working on Wall Street. Still, he loses all his money while gambling online to a cheater, but is determined to prove it.

He decides to go to Costa Rica in order to meet Ivan Block, the man who runs the gambling website on which we lost all his money. After revealing the scheme, Block invites Richie to stay in Costa Rica and work for him. Richie is later kidnapped by an agent from FBI who wants to make him help them convict Block. From that moment, the movie becomes even more exciting and intriguing, so just watch it in order to find out what follows.

These are only some of the must-watch movies inspired by college lifestyle. Of course, there hundred of such movies but you can be sure that the above mentioned are definitely worth your while and will appeal to you.

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