Mr. Nightmare
In "A Disturbing True Snapchat Story 2," a young man sees someone who doesn't belong in a Snap he's received. (Image via Llama Arts)

As Halloween Nears, Mr. Nightmare Is the Only Spookiness You Need

Here are the four best stories from the animated YouTube series.

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Mr. Nightmare

Here are the four best stories from the animated YouTube series.

It’s spooky szn! As Halloween nears, treat yourself to some spook-tacular delight and watch some Mr. Nightmare on YouTube. Mr. Nightmare accepts and reads submissions from all of his viewers about their scariest, freakiest moments, so all of these stories are true. Llama Arts, the YouTuber responsible for animating all of the stories that Mr. Nightmare reads, manages to add suspense to the stories with their creepy drawings; I highly recommend watching the animated videos!

Each episode is very short, only lasting between two to four minutes. It’s actually pretty insane how much drama and suspense can be packed into such a short amount of time. The following is a list of what I believe to be the freakiest of the short episodes from Mr. Nightmare.

1. School Lockdown Stories

The scene opens from the perspective of a high-school boy sitting in his seventh period class on a Friday, just before the start of spring break. He describes his teacher as being “pretty laid-back” as he plays computer games with the students to pass the time instead of giving a test.

Suddenly, the principal’s frantic voice blasts through the intercom, instructing teachers to lock their doors and follow lockdown procedures. The principal emphasizes that “this is not a drill.” The student’s teacher, usually calm and casual, begins frantically turning off the lights and urging the students into the corner of the room furthest from sight of the door. The student narrating the story notes that the school has cut the power from the whole building, which only made him more anxious.

After a couple minutes of silent waiting, the students begin to hear a man loudly banging a metal object onto the lockers while screaming, “I’ll kill all of you!” A couple of the girls in the class begin to cry, making the rest of the students even more panicked. The narrator says it was at that moment he started to fear for his life.

The banging sound moves further down the hallway until the crazed man begins to bang on their classroom door. One of the girls who had been crying screams, “No!” through her sobs. The banging on the door then intensifies as the man yells, “Let me in!”

Eventually, the man gives up and continues down the hallway, “screaming like a mentally insane person” until he could no longer be heard. Ten minutes later, the principal’s voice rings through the loudspeaker. He explains what happened, saying a mentally unstable person had entered the building and assaulted the woman sitting at the front desk, causing her to flee from the building screaming. The principal says that the staff had done a sweep of all the hallways and classrooms and could not find the man, so he instructed the teachers to continue teaching but to keep all the doors locked and to not let any student leave for any reason.

The student ends the story by saying that the creepiest part of this entire situation, however, is that a janitor had soon after found the man sleeping in a supply closet with a gun sticking out of his pocket. By the time the police got to the school, he had vanished.

 2. A Disturbing True Snapchat Story 2

The narrator of this story identifies himself as being 13 years old. He said he had just started snapchatting a girl he liked and was extremely excited about it. One night, the girl sent him a picture of herself lying in bed without a caption. He sent a message back, saying, “What’s up?” She responded with an identical selfie, captioned, “Not much, you?” She had set the timer to 10 seconds, giving the young boy plenty of time to analyze the picture, including her bedroom in the background. However, while intensely looking at the photo, he noticed the dark outline of a person standing outside her window.

He immediately sent a message back, asking if her brother was standing outside the window as a prank. She sent another identical snap, saying, “What do you mean?” In this photo, the figure outside of the window was much closer. The boy could see a hand pressed up against the glass of the window. He hurriedly responded with, “There’s somebody outside your window! Turn around.” She opened the snap almost immediately, but did not respond. The boy tried to call and text her, but she did not answer.

Later, around midnight, she finally texted him back and explained what had happened. As soon as she had turned around and saw the man standing outside her window, she screamed. The man, who turned out to be a 20-something-year-old stranger, opened and jumped through the window. She ran to her parents’ bedroom to awaken her dad. However, when her father went to investigate the bedroom, all he found was an open window.

3. Scary Pool Horror Stories

It was nearing the end of summer. A high school-aged boy and his friends decided they wanted to do something reckless before going back to school. One night, they devised a plan to sneak into a nearby community pool that was reserved for members. It was 1 a.m. and the pool was deserted, so the four kids decided to shed their clothing and jumped into the pool.

There were no lights, so the pool area was incredibly dark. A few minutes later, though, the boy noticed his friend Alissa climb out of the pool and run away. When he asked his friends what was going on, they said that she was just going to get a drink from the water fountain.

A few minutes later, they heard Alissa jump into the opposite end of the pool. It was too dark to see anything other than her black hair covering her face. Just then, the three friends heard Alissa say something to them as she was walking back to the pool. They looked at each other in confusion — hadn’t Alissa just jumped into the pool? They looked back to the spot where they thought they had heard her jump, and still saw a head of black hair covering a face, bopping around in the water. One friend, James, called out: “Who is that?” Not even two seconds later, the head slid under the water and disappeared from view.

Suddenly, the boy felt something grab his leg and try to pull him underwater. He struggled to stay afloat, screaming out for help. James climbed out of the pool and held onto his friend’s hands, trying to rip him from the underwater assailant. The other two friends, however, had already taken off running. Finally, the grip around his leg was released, and he and James ran all the way back to Alissa’s house. To this day, none of the friends know who the strange bopping head belonged to.

4. Nightshift Stories

A young man in his early to mid-twenties who worked at 7-Eleven, was called in to do the night shift, 10 p.m. – 4 a.m., as someone had called in sick. This specific 7-Eleven was located in a very rural area, far from any busy roads. During these types of night shifts, one could expect maybe 10 – 20 people at most to come in during the six-hour period.

On this particular night, a man in his mid-twenties came in making, “weird, loud yelling noises.” He then walked up to the counter without any items, his head facing the employee but eyes looking up at the ceiling. The employee, assuming that the man had some sort of mental disability, felt bad for him and tried to speak to the odd man who only continued to make strange noises. Because he was alone and there weren’t any cars in the parking lot, the employee assumed he had walked there.

The strange man stood at the counter for 10 minutes, making the same noises and staring up at the ceiling. The employee tried to get him to leave by offering to give him some food, free of charge. Finally, the man turned around and walked out of the store.

About an hour later, the phone on the counter rang. The employee picked up, only to hear the familiar yelling sounds of the man from earlier that night. The only conclusion the employee could come to was that it must have been some type of prank. Four a.m. finally rolled around and he was able to go home and try to forget about the incident.

The employee got home, threw his belongings on the table and turned on the T.V. to distract himself from the oddities of the night. However, not even a minute after entering his house, he heard his phone ring. He felt a chill run down his spine, thinking to himself, “Why would someone be calling after 4 a.m.?” He answered his phone, only to hear the same, all-too-familiar yelling noises echoing through his ears.

Weeks passed without incident until one day, the man decided to go into his basement, where he hadn’t been in a very long time. He noticed that papers had been scattered all over the basement floor. Confused, he opened the doors to the basement closet only to find writing covering the walls: “7-Eleven, 7-Eleven, 7-Eleven,” along with the address to the 7-Eleven he worked at and his own house address.

The most disturbing part, though, was the several kitchen knives and long pocket knife sitting on the floor. The deranged man who had come into 7-Eleven that night weeks ago had been living in the employee’s basement for “God knows how long.”

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