Sam Kolder's Instagram captures gorgeous, well-edited photos of the handsome photographer and his worldly caprices. (Image via Instagram)
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Sam Kolder's Instagram captures gorgeous, well-edited photos of the handsome photographer and his worldly caprices. (Image via Instagram)

They’re great for inspiring both travel plans and jealousy.

Let’s be real. There are very few people in this world who dislike traveling. However, there are also very few people who actually make an effort to travel often. The majority of travel fans would argue that they simply cannot afford to travel, but with the right motivation and frame of mind, traveling can be not only affordable, but profitable. These eight Instagram travel influencers prove it’s true, as they manipulate the tourism industry to their advantage.

They earn a steady income by, you guessed it, vacationing. Influencers are here to influence, so if you need a little boost of ambition to kickstart your hard work ethic and travels, here are your role models.

1. Indy Blue (@indyblue_)

Indy Severe, known as Indy Blue on her social media, began her influencer journey as an aspiring filmmaker and digital storyteller who mostly created wedding and engagement videos, as well as a few videos from her travels. As her travel videos grew in exposure, her social media audience followed, and now she documents her humorous, free-spirited life on her Instagram, blog and YouTube channel.

Although her Instagram lacks the aesthetic color scheme that most Instagrammers maintain, she radiates young adulthood through her relatable, carefree and altogether bougie posts. The joy that she and her close friends find through traveling is clear, and it inspires other young adults to explore.

2. Jorden Tually (@jordentually)

Jorden Tually likewise uses his good sense of humor and youthful character to evoke a joyful, excited response from his audience. The Australia native accentuates the meaning of optimism with his smiley Insta stories, legendary GoPro selfies and high-saturated fish-eyed editing to match.

At first glance, Tually’s profile is totally fierce — and maybe just a little crazy. Unlike his fellow influencers, though, his profile and overall online personality come across as friendly rather than intimidating. So ladies, if you like an approachable, happy man who’s into traveling, Tually’s your guy (and he’s single!).

3. Marie Fe and Jake Snow (@mariefeandjakesnow)

Instead of Blue and Tually’s sassy, humorous vibes, Marie Fe and Jake Snow emulate a different atmosphere that their young audience can relate to: love. The couple basically defines the phrase “couple goals” for aspiring travelers stuck in an idealistic state of infatuation.

Many travel influencers inspire envy from other Instagram users, but the mixture of joyful, amorous and intimate photos published on Fe and Snow’s Instagram exemplifies true love at its finest.

Caution: If you are recently single, you should visit Tually’s or Indy Blue’s Instagram, not Fe and Snow’s.

4. Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris (@gypsea_lust and @doyoutravel)

Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris are another popular travel Instagram influencer couple, but instead of setting lovey-dovey couple goals, the two founded separate brands and therefore set independent, mutually supportive couple goals.

Bullen and Morris clearly cater to an older, more mature audience, as the content they post often portrays luxury tourism. Their pastel color schemes and subtle editing catch the eyes of those who can afford it and those who hope to be able afford luxury one day. If you fit into one of those categories, you’ll love both of their profiles.

5. Christina Galbato (@christinagalbato)

If you love Bullen and Morris, you love Christina Galbato too. Galbato is a luxury travel and lifestyle blogger and Instagrammer who self-identifies as a “multi-hyphenate traveler, creator, online educator, dreamer and do-er,” according to her Instagram bio. The NYC-based freelancer began her career in corporate public relations but later became a full-time traveler when she realized that her free spirit did not fit the 9-to-5 work life.

Several years later, Galbato now runs a six-figure business through her social media, blog, YouTube and Instagram Bootcamp. The Instagram Bootcamp is an online course — created and taught by Galbato herself — that teaches social-media marketing basics, content creation tips and how to collaborate with brands of interest.

In addition, the course elevates the “social” aspect of social media through its corresponding IG Bootcamp Facebook Group, where entrepreneurs can meet, share business successes and ask Galbato and fellow classmates personalized questions.

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No one seems to mention this on Instagram, so I’m not going to let you scroll past another one of these Petra photos without telling you that getting up to this spot is DOWNRIGHT TERRIFYING. ⠀ When you arrive at the Treasury (the name of this famous monument), at least 20 locals will ask if you want to go up to this spot to take a photo. The hike up is, to say the least, steep and dangerous. Like, “Jordanian-local-pulling-you-by-the-hand-up-enormous-rocks” dangerous. I wanted to show you on Stories, but didn’t dare pull my phone out. ⠀ By the time I realized how vertical it was, it was too late to turn back ? And sitting here, I didn’t experiment with other camera angles besides this one because to the right of me is a completely vertical drop and my terrified-of-heights self could ?? not ?? hang ??. ⠀ So here we are… Decent photo at an extraordinary place ???

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6. Debi Flugge (@debiflue)

Debi Flugge (pronounced like “flue”), one of Instagram’s more widely known travel influencers with over one million followers, has combined her profile’s saturated blue hues with her plant-based lifestyle to create a brand that is super Tumblr, for lack of sufficient adjectives.

Her wavy blond hair, long-exposure lighting, sultry smolders and occasional candids will make you crave the ocean, long for the Maldives or wish you were in California.

7. Margaux Lopez (@margaux_leo)

Is France calling your name? Does your soul long for Paris? Follow Margaux Lopez. Somehow, Lopez will make you envious and fulfill all of your Parisian dreams simultaneously.

Whether you are fantasizing about the twinkling Eiffel Tower at dusk, practicing your French fluency or drooling over the thought of a flaky “pain au chocolat,” Lopez’s English-French captions, pink blossoms and dreamy poise will send you to Paris — without the cost of airfare or accommodations. She’ll have you daydreaming, to say the least.

8. Sam Kolder (@samkolder)

Anyone can become a content creator with today’s technologies and social media, but Sam Kolder demonstrates an influencer excellence that is rooted in passion, talent and dedication. His photographs and videos mimic the visuals that you would see on National Geographic, yet he still manages to hone in the editing required to be an Instagram star.

Kolder’s content subject matter focuses on adventure, but his innate talent outlines the boundary between someone who travels and someone who tells stories. There is no doubt that his adventurous profile acts as a portfolio for his creative direction.

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Sharing a moment with my LLAMA friend at Machu Picchu back in August. ✨? If you're interested in exploring Peru I would recommend going with @killaexpeditions. I spent 10 days hiking up in the Andes with them and they took the experience to the next level. We had a crew of 5 guys join us on the hike and they would help with setting up camp, carrying gear and making food. It was always a great feeling getting to your campsite late at night after hiking 16km and your tent is set up and you can smell the food being prepared. Such a blessing to have been able to do the trek with these guys. Also they hire localy which is great because alot of other tourism Companies out there source workers from the US and that takes away jobs from the locals! Much love @killaexpeditions ??

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