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disney princess
Vanellope inspires these iconic Disney princesses to get comfortable. (Image via Deviant Art/kade32)

We have receipts.

A shimmering silky ball gown, mesmerizing as it drapes over the figure of a beautiful woman. Her rouged cheeks beam as she smiles softly. She glances in the mirror with those endless kaleidoscope eyes as her pristine satin-gloved hands smooth down the ruffles in her dress.

Outside, her carriage awaits.

When most people hear the word “princess,” this regal image is what comes to mind. And her story usually follows a recipe that goes something like this: A woman adorned in exquisite robes, ready to embark upon a thrilling journey.

The ingredients of the adventure include soaring castles, devious enemies, mythical creatures, perhaps a love interest and self-discovery. Then, there’s the classic happy ending where she spends the rest of her life content in her fancy new abode.

While this all makes for a wonderful tale to watch unfold (trust me, I love a good Cinderella remake), there is a lack of a concrete connection between the princess’s world and the audience’s reality.

You could say that the unreal and enchanting aspect of the situation is what makes it so magical and entertaining to viewers, and I wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes people need to escape from the perils of the real world.

However, I feel that there could be a larger amount of fairy tales that are set in a more realistic time and place. Yes, princess films are definitely becoming more progressive and capturing present-day themes, such as how Elsa and Moana reach states of self-realization and empowerment without any love interests present, clearly showing that a princess is not always in need of a prince.

I completely support this feminist content, and the more symbolic linking of the lives of the princesses with the lives of women is done very well. But I still feel that there needs to be a stronger, more tangible connection.

Today, Disney released an image that gave fans just that.

disney princess
Everyone, even princesses, love a good slumber party. (Image via EW)

The picture is a glimpse of the “Wreck it Ralph” sequel, titled “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” Female lead character Vanellope is portrayed in a slumber party type scenario with some special guests — a group of Disney Princesses.

A pretty iconic bunch, if I do say so myself. And that’s not all — it seems like they redid their wardrobes, this time with a more modern twist.

Seated on the far right is Mulan. After saving the entire country of China from unimaginable evils, she rests on a red beanbag, rocking hi-tops, dark denim capris and a bomber jacket that has designers all over the globe shaking.

Up on the left couch sits Tiana in some comfy, lime green sleepwear as she shows off her natural hair. Elsa lays on the floor, sporting some life advice on her long sleeve that says the words “Just Let it Go.”

Snow White looks over from the mid-left wearing a shirt that has a poisoned apple on it. She is owning the emblem of her almost-demise — how absolutely metal.

These are just a couple of the royal ladies who have renounced their ball gowns and fancy apparel for lounge wear, all seated on an array of fluffy cushions and beanbags, waiting for Vanellope, who is also a princess now, to spill some piping hot tea.

The scene is the embodiment of a modern sleepover, and the perfect way to establish a direct connection between the beloved Disney characters and their viewers. Whether your days are filled with battling monsters while on horseback or studying for a neurobiology final, you’ll still love to let loose and relax with a girls night in.

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