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7 Dessert Instagram Accounts You and Your Sweet Tooth Need to Follow

Where’s the nearest bakery?
May 17, 2019
8 mins read

When it comes to social media, Instagram is home to that favorite profile pic or video, filtered to perfection and posted for all the world to like and comment, but photogenic selfies and adorable animal videos aren’t the only thing that Instagram has to offer you — it’s also got mouth-watering dessert accounts.

Whether you’re an amateur baker or someone just interested in what others are cooking up, check out these seven dessert Instagram accounts that will satisfy your inner baker.

1. Miscellaneousmao

Still haven’t made it to the movies yet to see “Pokémon: Detective Pikachu”? That’s okay, because Gloria will help you work up a very specific appetite with her “Pokémon”-centered account, which has over 7,500 followers and hundreds of posts.


As her Instagram name implies, Gloria has several miscellaneous hobbies that she includes in her bio, including amateur baker, nerdy confectioner and Pokémon master. The seemingly odd mix of titles becomes clear once you scroll through her account, which includes close-up shots of edible detective Pikachus with a magnifying class and detective hat, cute mini cupcakes topped with chocolate-filled Bunearys and intricately designed Magikarp sushi truffles. Not convinced? Then have yourself a Smeargle toast or a bite of an Eevee cake.

No matter which generation the Pokémon came from, Grace has most likely baked an edible version that will make you want to eat them all.

2. the.baking.experiment

Bright, popping colors decorate Jean’s dessert Instagram account, which has any baking item your hungry mind can think of, from mini mermaid cake pops dotted with colorful shells to an adorably pink piggy resting on top of a cake drizzled with chocolate.

Some of Jean’s edible creations are centered around fun themes, such as her colorful Disney Princess donuts, cute Winnie-the-Pooh cookies and iconic Marvel-themed cake pops featuring your favorite superhero.


While you can place customizable orders on her website, the artfully made cakes will leave you wanting to savor the sight instead of eating them. To get your visual fix in the meantime, become one of the account’s 16,000 followers on Instagram.

3. naturally.jo

Seventeen-year-old vegan Jose already has over 1.5 million followers, and it’s easy to see why. Plus, from time to time, there pops up an edible unicorn with a swirl of hair colored pastel pink, blue and purple that appears in the form of a sumptuous cake or creamy smoothie bowl.


Jose’s bio introduces his motto, “Life’s too short to eat boring food,” and he follows through with his philosophy, transforming even plain pieces of toast into entertaining works of art. What’s more, Jose sets himself apart from the plethora of other dessert Instagram accounts due to his gender, a topic of conversation he mentions in one of his posts. “As a small kid I would have been concerned about being associated with feminine stereotypes,” he says under a photo of a smoothie bowl with the words “I’m a…Boy” spelled out in both pink and blue, “but I’ve learned to embrace them.”

4. Sweet Whimsy Shop

Taco cake pops with cute smiles drawn on them to commemorate Cinco de Mayo and cake pops sculpted to resemble adorable avocados fill Sweet Whimsy Shop’s account, which has over 38,000 followers and thousands of posts focusing on the deliciousness of cake pops.


Sweet Whimsy Shop has creations for any occasion: Easter-themed cake pops, dinosaur creations for the younger crowd or shamrock-covered cake pops for St. Patrick’s Day. There are even brief eye-opening videos of the baker recording the process that always results in stylized thematic edibles that will have you appreciating the beauty — and tastiness — of cake pops.

5. Cake Dutchess

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at baking, Cake Dutchess breaks the process down for you. With over 75,000 followers on Instagram, the artist posts videos of sped-up recordings featuring edible animal figurines that are perfect for placing on top of a cake.


Cake Dutchess includes a link to her website, which sells how-to tutorials, online classes and includes a community that you can join to share your baking journey. The dessert Instagram account also has a YouTube channel that promotes short how-to clips of animal cake toppers like sloths, baby llamas, kangaroos and ducklings.

Thanks to Cake Dutchess, your secret dream of becoming a cake-topper decorator sounds not only fun but doable!

6. Flourshop

Flour is a baker’s main ingredient and Flourshop takes it to the next level with rainbow sprinkles, and lots of it.

Amirah Kassem is the founder of Flourshop and pairs the words “sprinkles” and “smiles” in her personal Instagram account, @amirahkassem. Over 236,000 fans follow Flourshop, which is an actual bakery based in New York that decorates every cake pop, towering cake and everything in between with signature rainbow cake layers and sprinkles.


Flourshop posts photos of pretty much rainbow everything, including rainbow unicorn cakes, rainbow cake balls and rainbow cookie cakes. The videos are a delight to watch, as someone delicately slices through a pink heart-shaped cake to reveal a colorful avalanche of rainbow sprinkles and edible dots.

The rainbow-obsessed dessert Instagram account will definitely add more color to your life.

7. Mollymakescakes

Award-winning cake artist Molly Robbins is an expert at carving life-like cake adaptations of animals for both her customers and her 40,000 followers on Instagram.

The amazing details and long hours that go into Molly’s creations even caught the attention of the reality show “Extreme Cake Makers,” who captured a before-and-after transformation of a cake chameleon she created. The cake artist’s website, mollyscreaturecreator.com, shares her secret of 3-D cake sculpting with her Creature Creator, which uses a mold system that eliminates the need for carving and internal supports.


Molly’s dessert Instagram account turns pets, wildlife and other creative ideas into cakes that are finely sculpted to include realistic textures and colors.

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