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7 Indie World Nintendo Games To Play This Summer

These games by independent developers are not only fun to play, but also reflect the passion and talent of individual creators.

Indie World is a platform where indie developers get to present their games, filled with passion and love, to the audience. Curious about what these games are? Here are the latest games made by indie developers that are either out now or will be coming soon.

Road 96

It’s the morning/evening/dawn. You hitchhike/call a cab. You are escaping from the law/riding with the police. All to reach the border and freedom on Road 96. What path will you choose?

Road 96 is an action adventure game where you decide the story and where it will lead. Your choices impact the future and could change events drastically. You meet diverse characters with all sorts of backgrounds and roads. The game is visually incredible and features a ’90s soundtrack and tons of routes, so the game will always offer a new experience for repeat players. Road 96 is coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer.

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

In a futuristic city lives a man named Wally, the main protagonist of Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield. He needs to run from the enemies he created after finding information that could change his city and solve its mystery. This 3D runner side-scroller resembles Google Chrome when you have no internet, but with graphics, style and a catchy soundtrack made by Detroit artist Neil Jones.

The story runs along with you, and the gameplay keeps you moving as you run, jump, slide and dash. Combine all these actions to avoid everything trying to hit you. The game has a demo available if you want to give it a try, and the full version of Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield will be released on May 19.

Last Stop

Last Stop is a solo third-person adventure where you get to play three characters. They are forced together due to their worlds colliding in a supernatural disaster set in present-day London. Donna is a teenage girl who craves thrills but gets caught up in a kidnapping crime. John is a single dad who is stressed due to the struggles of debt and being an only parent, and he envies his neighbor Jack for being an easygoing young bachelor — but then the pair gets cursed by a stranger. Finally, Menna is a professional striving to move up in the workforce, but she’s not happy with her family; at one point, something in the basement of her workplace begins to awaken. Last Stop contains a rich amount of dialogue with an incredible cast of people voicing the characters. It will be out in July.

Cris Tales

This classic Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) is made by an indie developer called Dreams Uncorporated. The game is centered around exploring the past, present and future and how your actions affect time itself. Players join Crisbell, a time mage awakened to her new powers along with her companions. It’s set in a fantasy world threatened by a cruel time empress and her forces of evil.

The gameplay involves one of the most eccentric ways of fighting in JRPGs. In a battle, you can use your time magic to send enemies to the past, making them weaker. You can also send them to the future, where your foe instantly receives all the damage you inflict on them. See what happened in the past, act on it in the present and watch the events of the future unfold simultaneously on your screen. Along with a beautiful art style and music, this JRPG shapes up to be one of the best on the Nintendo Switch. Cris Tales will be released on July 20.

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective

Ever wanted to play an interactive detective version of “Where’s Waldo”? Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective is just for you. Based on a children’s book, the massive appeal of this puzzle game is the art itself. You will feel like you’re back in your childhood reading through books, and the game presents this theme in such a charming way. The goal is simple: Guide yourself through the different maze-like locations and try to catch the villain, Mr. X. Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective, is out now for both the Switch and PC.

Weaving Tides

Ever wished you could ride on either a dragon or a flying carpet? You can live your dreams in Weaving Tides. Set out on an adventure while riding your carpet dragon called a Weaver. Face dungeons, puzzles, creatures and mysteries in this single-player game filled with creativity and pleasantries.

There are all sorts of playstyles to choose from as well. It all depends on your Weavers, which you will collect throughout the story. There is even a creative mode where you can make digital embroidery from ribbons you collect for your Weavers. Stitch your way through the unwoven world and pick a dragon to share your story with when Weaving Tides comes out in May.

Beasts of Maravilla Island

Become a photographer and explore the ecosystems of a magical island with all sorts of creatures. The island has protective magic to keep prying eyes away; however, due to humanity’s belief in magic decreasing, it is up to Marina Montez to save the island by photographing its brilliance. But you can’t just take a picture of an animal and call it a day — you have to find creative ways to get them to come out of their shells and show off for their camera.

There are many creatures to snap pictures of, along with expansive locations to explore and puzzles to solve. Beasts of Maravilla Island will be released in June.

There are many undiscovered indie games out there for you to explore. The Nintendo Indie World site features all these indie games and many more to try. Indie games deserve all the love and attention, as they were crafted by people who wanted to show their passion, inspiration, ideas and dreams to the world.

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