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5 Kooky Art Pages to Follow on Instagram

Art just makes life better.
August 27, 2019
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One of the greatest benefits of social media is the ability to access so many different accounts, from all over the world. Take a break from the fitness and celebrity accounts on Instagram for a second. Discovering new art and art pages is as easy as a couple of clicks and follows.

Generations growing up with social media are given the ability to share their artistic and unique ideas with likeminded artists. With so many amazing and underappreciated artists out there, it’s hard for me to just recommend a few.

But here are 5 art pages any art-loving Instagram enthusiast should not scroll blindly by.

1. @taxcollection

The page @taxcollection is a smorgasbord of artistic gems, from paintings to photography and everything in between. Some posts are a little out there but are admirably creative.


The account has 647,000 followers and is growing. The page’s biography simply reads, “supporting and showcasing artists worldwide.” Anyone can direct message this page with their work in the hopes of being featured on the account.

One of my favorite posts featured on this page is by artist Dave Pollot (@davepollotart). The New York-based artist redefines old forgotten thrift shop paintings, adding his own whimsical twist. One of his paintings showcases a still life of a beautiful flower arrangement with his own addition of a mouthwatering McDonald’s Big Mac, complete with their infamous French fries.


2. @v.ri0t

@v.ri0t is the fiercest fashion page on Instagram, celebrating trends over the years. Old and new edgy styles of today and yesterday make it hard to stop scrolling. The account consists of fashion photography, short clips of runway shows and outfits to die for.

Some posts are a nostalgic ode to past fashion. In a recent post, Cher shows off an enticing black, feathered get-up by designer Bob Mackie from the 58th Academy Awards in 1986.


Other posts reflect fashion today, such as Rihanna’s laid-back look, sporting a Louis Vuitton suitcase.


Naturally, the account includes many editorial shots of big-name fashion icons like Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and Dita Von Teese.

This page is every fashionista’s dream. So, put on RuPaul’s “Supermodel” and scroll through over 2,500 looks.

3. @dromsjel

Now here is an artist who cannot go unknown. Artist Pierre Schmidt of Berlin, Germany, goes by the nickname of dromsjel. He is a digital collage artist, pushing the limits of erotic fanaticism. The artist’s best-known work was his collage for Lady Gaga’s documentary, “Gaga: Five Foot Two.”


Sometimes like collages, the artist is an enigma. His work reflects feminine sexual freedom, flowers and outer space. There is a 1950-70s influence in some of his collages containing housewives in proper dresses or women wearing classic wired bras. The clothing or lack thereof gives the viewer an idea of the tone dromsjel is going for.


He is heavily influenced and inspired by Salvador Dali, which shows in his chaotically skewed visuals. Dali and dromsjel share a grainy surrealism in their works. @dromsjel’s prints are available online and through his Instagram.

4. @filmatic

Attention movie lovers. This page is a fun look at stills from movies, television and the stars of the big screen. @filmatic harkens back to some of cinema’s best moments through a single, or series of, photos.


Some posts contain movie quotes like one of my favorites from the 1988 film, “Heathers.” When Veronica is told she looks like hell, she replies, “Yeah, I just got back.”


Some posts strike a sad chord, with actors who are no longer alive but live on forever through cinema. One of my favorite posts and the most iconic Heath Ledger scenes is when he is hanging out of the police car as the Joker in “The Dark Night.”


There are also some wonderful behind the scenes photos that make the viewer feel as if they have an inside look into the movie making process. A great post shows a young Quinten Tarantino talking to Harvey Keitel on the set of “Reservoir Dogs.”

And it would be a sin if this page didn’t include short clips of films. So many great scenes from films such as “The Wolf of Wallstreet,” “I, Tonya” and “Call Me By Your Name.

In their highlights tab, they have many different categories to browse like wallpapers, trivia, quotes, Oscar winners and many more. This is the page for those who need a daily dose of cinema.

5. @h_collective

I just recently stumbled upon @h_collective and have fallen in love with it. It is very similar to the first Instagram page mentioned (@taxcolleciton) but on a smaller scale. The H Hub has created a space online for freelance photographers to get work as the page exhibits their work.


This page cuts out the need for photographers to spend lots of money on finding an agent, and, because Instagram is free, it is a win-win. Photographers utilize the website as a type of online resume. Employers can scroll through their work and book them on the spot.


One word to describe the majority of the posts shown on this page is dreamy. Many of their posts are studio portraits that revolve around a fantastical theme, filled with bright colors, interesting poses and lovely fashion.

Anyone can be a photographer nowadays with Instagram. This page supports and promotes freelancing photographers, helping them stand out from the rest.

* * *

In an interview with dromsjel, he explains how important the relationship art and social media have with each other is. “Social media,” he says, “especially Instagram, are really great places to showcase and promote your work.”

Not only are mediums like Instagram and Pinterest free but they are easy to share with others, who may not know these artists even exist. There has never been a time quite like this in history where artists can send their work around the world at the tap of a finger.

Instagram users’ feeds can get repetitive with pictures of friends traveling, recipes on how to make piyaya and daily updates based on astrological signs. Art pages like these can take the mind away, even just for a moment, to appreciate something not seen every day.

Follow, like and share these art pages and artists so that the cycle of artistic influence never stops.

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