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A Guide to Instagram Live or How to Make Your IG Live Stream Get More Views

Get people to watch you on IG Live.
June 26, 2022
12 mins read

Instagram has always been known for photos. Of course, since their entry into the social media world, they’ve consistently added new and unique opportunities for users to build their profiles and their brands. From things such as reels or stories to IG streaming, you are provided a variety of different selections.

It’s a great business to try a bit of everything. Mixing it up keeps things moving and different and looks good to the algorithm. However, no matter which type of creation you decide to film, you need people to view it, right? Instagram Live came out in 2016, and it has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Check out this complete guide to Insta streaming and how to achieve the most Live views possible.

Invest in IG Live Viewers

Sometimes you just need to allow yourself a little bit of a boost. Whether you are in the midst of planning a Live or perhaps already created your Insta stream that just didn’t seem to bring in viewers, you can always buy Live views to help it out a bit.

If you want to buy Instagram Live viewers, you can wait to do so after you’ve posted the video, or you could even purchase some views while you are streaming. Either way, one can accomplish the endgame of having more viewers on streaming.

“Sometimes all of us need an online helping hand even if we make the best content.” – Ronald A. Harris

This solution has a purpose. People aren’t required to watch you while you’re streaming live on Instagram. That is obviously beneficial and fun, but your video remains posted for viewing after you finish unless you delete it.

The interaction won’t be quite the same, but viewers are viewers, and the more you get, the more other people will notice you. If people enjoy this IG Live video, maybe they will show up the next time you’re in action streaming and hop on to watch and interact.

Purchasing Insta Live views can be done in different-sized packages. This is simply designed to give you a helpful boost, and small packages are delivered in just a few minutes typically. The crucial thing is to make sure you’re using a service with real and active Live views only.

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Learn the Service

If you really want to experience success on Instagram Live streaming and gain more views, you must learn how to properly use the tools:

  • You might start with doing some testing of Lives to a small private group while you figure it out;
  • You can play around right on your own profile and even delete it later.

Just make time to get it figured out before you really start pushing for more viewers.

These streaming solutions are great because they are in demand. You can enhance or play around with Insta filters and other fun elements, but it’s not something that you edit and perfect before the world views it. Everyone must figure it out some time, but ideally, when you find the need to boost the Live viewers, you really need to have most of the details figured out.

Take the time to learn how it all works. You can maybe even watch a few Instagram streams from others to assist in defining your expectations. It isn’t required to be perfect but attempt to at least halfway understand before you ramp up.

Keep Live Sessions Interesting

Have you ever hopped onto an IG video playing live and quickly gotten annoyed with the person just wasting time? This could be a quick way to lose viewers. If you really want to attract followers, it’s imperative to keep them interested.

Before you start up your streaming video:

  • Try to have some sort of a plan. This will just help you stay on task. Avoid showing up only to start stumbling around for what to say or do next;
  • Determine first what your content on the Instagram Live is about;
  • Create some notes for yourself to keep things rolling smoothly.

Do things that will catch the interest of the audience in some way and will give you more IG Live views. Here are a few quick ideas.

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Interesting Q&A Sessions

People love it when they get to have a voice. They ask a question, and you answer said question. The type of live stream that will likely go well is one that offers a question-and-answer approach. Tell viewers they can ask you anything (within reason), and you will answer. Set a time limit or go until the questions stop coming in.

A good timeframe for this type of session is generally about 30 minutes, assuming that you have steady questions and views coming in. You can also run polls and get some questions beforehand to fill those blank spaces throughout your Instagram Live stream.

Show Them Something New!

Everyone loves new and exciting things. This article has already talked about keeping things interesting, but you should plan to educate or show something compelling to the fans. For example, a travel blogger might use an Instagram stream to reveal a neat location in their travels. This pulls the people in and gives them an opportunity to see sights they might not ever get to otherwise.

Share new things, see new sights, and keep every IG Live video unique.

Theme the Live

Here’s another really fun approach. It gives your audience an occasion to give you more views, interact fully, and really get into it. Design or select a theme for the Insta Live event. Maybe use an ‘80s theme or base it on a TV segment. You can do any type of theme you choose.

To make it extra fun:

  • Let your Live viewers use IG filters or backdrops that relate to the chosen theme;
  • Allow others to join you on camera and show off how they got in on the theme;
  • Have people submit photos and throw a contest for participating,

There are plenty of options here. A theme is a basis for the streaming event. Don’t forget to still plan out some overall content as well.

Drop Tons of Teasers

It’s okay to just jump on Instagram and start up a live stream on a whim. However, if you really desire to build up the viewing base numbers for the stream, it helps to get people excited. Try to drop teasers in advance about an upcoming stream and set expectations. Maybe even mention a special deal for those who view the stream.

Get people excited before your IG stream ever starts. Invite people to watch and let them know it’s going to be fun and exciting. Schedule a time, get people amped up, and then show up and deliver.

This gets people excited about what is to come. They might even schedule a time to watch the Insta stream in their calendars. They can take the option to set themselves a reminder to ensure they don’t get distracted or forget and miss it entirely. This can help increase Instagram Live views but also ramp up the excitement.

Collaboration Efforts

One valuable means to enhance the number of followers and viewers is to collaborate alongside another IG person. If you know someone who has different followers or perhaps even find an Instagram influencer willing to work with you, this is ideal.

When you go live with another person, it brings together two separate audiences. You’re likely to get some Instagram Live viewers from the other individual, and they will get the same from you. It helps you both out.

Interact With Fans

Finally, as you get started in the world of streaming on Insta, make a concerted effort to be interactive and engaging. When people jump on to view said live stream, they enjoy being noticed when leaving comments. You can check those comments while you are streaming.

While you may not be able to catch every single one, you should be able to catch most and respond accordingly. Don’t just ignore the comments. Responding and calling people by name brings additional activity and makes the watchers feel seen as well, so they will be more engaged, and you will have a stable number of IG Live views throughout the video.

Final Thoughts

Instagram Live has been available for several years now. It’s a valuable tool to positively impact your followers. Make all streams interesting and entertaining to find the best success! Prepare beforehand at least slightly, and don’t be afraid to buy some IG Live views when your account needs a little boost.

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