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5 Tools You Must Use To Boost Your Videos on YouTube

If you want to build up an audience for your channel, you should consider looking into some outside help.
May 25, 2022
7 mins read

YouTube may not be the only video marketing platform on the internet; however, it remains the biggest and most popular video destination. If you are looking to promote your brand through video marketing, YouTube is the best choice.

You can buy YouTube subscribers to boost your channel. But for long-term sustainability, you must focus on creating valuable and attractive YouTube videos that will keep your audience hooked. It will help you build a loyal subscriber list. And to make it big on YouTube, you need dedicated focus and a range of tools to boost your YouTube video views and gain more traffic.

This article has curated the five best tools you can use to boost your YouTube channel and increase video views. Let’s get started!

1. Keyword Tool

The primary purpose of the Keyword Tool is to ensure that your videos are watched by the right audience. It is an effective tool that offers features for keyword research that helps to boost video visibility among your target audience.

By using this tool, you can procure useful keywords from the YouTube autocomplete database. All you need to do is to enter a broad keyword and the tool will show a list of keyword suggestions along with relevant hashtags, questions and prepositions. You can also localize the results of your search to all countries supported by YouTube. This helps to gain more relevant and high-ranking keywords.

All the above features can be accessed through the free version. You can also upgrade to the paid version and view the search volumes, CPC (cost per click), trends, and competition data for each YouTube video.

2. VidIQ

If you want to increase YouTube views and get more subscribers for your channel, you must get your hands on VidIQ. It is a YouTube-certified tool that helps to monitor the growth of your channel. Besides this, it also helps you optimize your content to increase YouTube views.

The free version of VidIQ comes as a Chrome extension and offers features like keyword research, SEO scores, video ratings and much more. Its data analytics and reports provide deep insights into your engagement rate, subscribers and recent visitors. It tracks your video performance and also determines the optimal time to post your videos — thus helping you increase YouTube views.

The paid version of VidIQ offers three plans — Pro, Boost, and Enterprise. These plans provide more professional features that can help you create premium content for your YouTube channel.

3. Canva

Thumbnails are the most crucial aspect of a YouTube video. They are the attention-grabbing elements that help the audience decide if they want to watch your video or not. Therefore, it is essential to always use tools that can help to create attractive thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

Canva is an excellent and user-friendly tool for creating thumbnails. It is a graphic designing website that offers many templates and customizations to create catchy and alluring YouTube thumbnails. Moreover, Canva also offers templates for creating logos, posters, presentations and many other social media graphics.

The free version of Canva offers a plenitude of designs that you can choose from the Canva library. You can edit the design and customize each element of the template to make it look interesting. With Canva, you can also create stunning YouTube channel art, thus helping you attract more YouTube subscribers.

4. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is one of the game-changing tools you can use to increase YouTube views. The best part about this tool is that it is certified by YouTube and provides a wide variety of features to make your videos look and feel more premium and professional.

Another biggest benefit of TubeBuddy is that it is free and compatible with all devices. It usually comes as a YouTube browser extension that keeps a check on your video’s productivity and optimization.

The 60+ features offered by TubeBuddy efficiently help with data analysis, comment or tag management, thumbnail creation, bulk updates and much more. All these features are available in the free version of TubeBuddy. However, if you are interested in exploring some more advanced features, you can upgrade to the paid version as well.

The paid version of TubeBuddy offers four plans – Pro, Star, Legend and Enterprise. You can choose any of them depending on the tools you need to run your channel successfully.

5. Google Trends

Google Trends is an amazing tool for those looking to attract potential subscribers and gain more video views on YouTube. As the name suggests, this tool provides you a list of trending videos and content ideas that most viewers are looking for.

In other words, Google trends provide meaningful insights on creating compelling YouTube videos. By making videos on trending topics, you can rank higher on search results. It is the best tool to make your videos go viral.

Final Thoughts

The above list of tools will help you optimize your YouTube channel and content to increase video views. However, the key to successful YouTube marketing includes consistency and audience engagement. There are several ways to boost your YouTube videos. Often creators buy YouTube subscribers to increase visibility. Others cross-promote their content across social media.

But to attract a bigger audience, you must first ensure that your content is valuable and interesting. This is where the above tools come to play. They will help you create compelling content and manage all the promotional activities with ease.

Some of these tools are free but others have paid versions. However, paying up to increase YouTube views is an investment that will give you long-lasting results. So, check out the above list of five amazing tools and grow your YouTube channel.

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