Jenner might be a self-made billionaire, but she's also notoriously empty-headed, at least on social media. (Image via E! News)
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Jenner might be a self-made billionaire, but she's also notoriously empty-headed, at least on social media. (Image via E! News)

It clearly pays to be born in the right family.

Kylie Jenner is the richest family member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. In my opinion, she is also the weirdest.

While she has since cleaned up her social media to strictly promoting her cosmetics line and pictures of her newborn daughter, Jenner used to post some odd stuff. Here are 10 times that Jenner’s social media made me wonder how she’s so impossibly famous.

10. @KylieJenner: Robert Pattinson

At the top of the list is perhaps the most innocent of tweets. In 2012, Jenner was apparently just as relatable as every other American girl bitten by the “Twilight” bug. Instead of posting something about how obsessed she was with the series, Jenner took a more mysterious approach by simply tweeting “Robert Pattinson,” aka the actor that played Edward Cullen.

I’d like to think of this tweet as a friendly reminder that Jenner was once a normal teen, going along with the pop culture trends instead of trying to create them. Ah, what a time to be alive.

9. @KylieJenner: “last night i had cereal with milk for the first time. life changing.”

The tweet is probably familiar to just about everyone, which is honestly kind of unfortunate. Jenner recently tweeted that she had experienced eating cereal with milk for the first time, which, for whatever ungodly reason, hit every media outlet hard and fast.

To be blunt, my main qualm with this tweet is how dumb it is. I personally don’t care for Jenner’s climatic journey with milk and cereal, nor am I satisfied with how much attention it has gotten. Moving on.

8. When Kylie posted a selfie on Instagram fashioning dreadlocks and Amandla Stenberg commented in an effort to educate her on why it was wrong… and Kylie replied with, “Mad if I don’t, Mad if I do… Go hang w Jaden or something”

This is the only post on the list that isn’t from Jenner’s Twitter, but her Instagram instead. Her Insta isn’t as much of a goldmine because she’s deleted most of the embarrassing stuff, but I digress. 2015 was apparently a rough year for Jenner when actress Amandla Stenberg called her out on wearing dreadlocks.

Stenberg, who was actually responding to a fan’s comment regarding the dangers of cultural appropriation, received a rather sassy reply from Jenner herself. For context, let’s not forget when Jenner dated Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, back in the day. She fired back with “Go hang w Jaden or something,” but in reality, I don’t think using an ex-boyfriend is a proper clapback to cultural appropriation.

7. @KylieJenner: “Let this weekend be over so everyone can get their lip kits”

Honestly, when Jenner posted this, I imagine she was just sitting in her massive million-dollar house, impatiently watching the clock and waiting for the weekend to end so her fans could storm her website and buy her cosmetics. It probably didn’t happen this way, but I like to pretend it did.

Anyway, she basically tweeted that she wanted the weekend to end so people could purchase her products and she could get richer. I guess I would want the weekend to be over if I was in her shoes too, though. Fair enough, Jenner.

6. @KylieJenner: I miss my black hair I’m so bipolar 🙁

Oh, Kylie. I know it was 2013 when you posted this, but it’s never acceptable to use words like “bipolar” or “depressed” as an everyday descriptor. Here is my opportunity to educate you (because she’s definitely reading this) on the importance of not using mental illness as the butt of a joke, or even as a simple adjective.

Missing an old hair color doesn’t make you bipolar. Bipolar disorder is a serious mental condition that is never to be taken lightly, therefore making this tweet pretty problematic. Other mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, for example, are to be treated the same way. Moral of the story: Using mental illness as a way to describe daily emotions is never okay, even if you’re Kylie Jenner.

5. @KylieJenner: “how long are we gonna talk about this lip thing lmao”

For No. 5 on the list, I’m taking a look at Jenner’s 2014 tweet and pointing out the blunt stupidity of it. Listen, Kylie, you got lip fillers and then refused to admit to it for a solid three years. For some reason, people were really invested so yeah, it was a hot topic.

But more importantly, Jenner was able to create an entire empire based on her lips — she’s since designed a massive cosmetics line that has helped her become one of the youngest quote-unquote self-made billionaires of all time.

Even back then, Jenner was obviously aware of how incredibly famous she is and why her lips were making headlines. Pondering why people were talking about it is just irritating. Overall, an annoying tweet, but I will admit to the pure genius behind the whole lip thing. Satan works hard, but Kris Jenner definitely works harder.

4. @KylieJenner: “These flight attendants man… Rude for no damn reason. #powertrip”

On a more serious note, this tweet that Jenner posted in 2014 actually shows how overindulged she is. It’s not so much the core of the tweet (oddly enough, the “rude for no damn reason” didn’t do it for me), but the hashtag that really pushes it over the edge.

In my mind, I doubt the flight attendants were being rude enough to deserve a hate tweet from one of the most famous young people in the world. I also don’t think flight attendants view their jobs as vital enough to give them a “power trip.” The lack of context here makes the post feel sour and awkward — if it was something serious that needed to be widely discussed, why wouldn’t Jenner divulge details?

Was there some kind of prejudice action on the flight attendants’ part? I’m guessing not. Also, don’t the Kardashian-Jenners have, like, three private jets each?

3. @KylieJenner: “Anyone wanna bless me with a cool Instagram icon? Preferably me as an Italian greyhound?”

This particular tweet isn’t as much annoying as it is confusing. Along with her newborn baby, Stormi, Jenner is also a mom to two Italian greyhounds, Norman and Bambi. (Side-note: Anyone else remember when Travis Scott couldn’t name her dogs? Same.)

But for someone as vain as Jenner — let’s be real here, her entire career is essentially based on her looks — this was just an odd request. She really took the time out of her day to ask her millions of Twitter followers to Photoshop her as an Italian greyhound. Whatever floats your boat, Kylie.


I would say this tweet is in the same vein as Jenner’s problem with the “rude” flight attendants. She’s one of the richest and most famous people ever with a whopping 115 million followers on Instagram. Each photo she posts receives millions of comments. So, explain to me why it matters that people comment “LB” (like back, for those unaware) on these posts.

A great deal of Jenner’s livelihood is based on social media, in which she advertises herself in collaboration with brands like SkinnyFit Detox Tea. Beyond that, why does Jenner even care?! Does she want all of her adoring fans to only comment about how pretty she is or how perfect her life is? Get real.

1. @KylieJenner: “I lowkey hate seeing ads that don’t apply to me. Keep getting promos for Good & Co, an app that helps people get jobs. Lol no thanks.”

No. 1 on the list is a tweet that proves Jenner is so far beyond removed from the real world that it’s actually annoying. For this tweet, Jenner took the time out of her busy schedule to complain about receiving advertisements that don’t apply to her — like ones for Good & Co, a platform that connects people to companies, similar to LinkedIn.

In other words, Good & Co is a company that helps normal, everyday people get jobs. Jenner was apparently so annoyed with consistently seeing ads for Good & Co that she just had to tweet about it. Sorry, Kylie, but unlike you, most of us were not born in unfathomably wealthy families and therefore, need to work hard to find jobs.

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