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The platform isn’t just for posting selfies.

Instagram has become much more than a digital photo album. Nowadays this is a fully functional business instrument that helps increase sales and clientele. It also serves as a monitoring tool that helps brands to look after the competition and discover audience interests. On this platform it is easy to catch the attention of your viewers and develop friendly and closer relationships with them, turning people into loyal customers and maintaining their affection for your brand.

Even though today there is a cheap promotion option to buy comments for Instagram, you still must aim for a max organic reach because it is what actually improves your IG rating. Let’s discover the top reasons to use Instagram as your business promotion instrument and how to do this effectively.

1. Lots Of People

Instagram is up there on the list of top social media for business, and that is because it is one of the most popular networks in the world. The general audience of Instagram is now bigger than 1 billion users, and at least half of them are present on the platform every day. It is great, isn’t it? If you have a profile on Instagram, it is your chance to reach the widest target group. It is also an opportunity to achieve a more open and true overview of the mood and interests of your audience. Having a proper promotion strategy and attractive profile attracts many people to you, including those who never thought about your product before.

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2. Easier Survival

Although business competition on social media is tough, there is enough room for everyone who wishes to work hard and reach their goals. The trick is that Instagram doesn’t have any limitations for businesses, meaning that both small local brands and international corporations have equal instrumentation and opportunities to attract their customers. Of course, the budgets are different, but social media promotion doesn’t rely on the budget much. The thing is that the quality of your content and product will do the trick even without having huge money spent on the campaign. So, even beginners can thrive on Instagram and gain weight in the business world, if they provide worthy content.

3. Direct Profit

With the current opportunities of this social network, you can make money without even leaving Instagram! There are different ways to secure deals directly, but Instagram is improving its range of business tools and services. Hence, nowadays businesses can use some options to make the purchasing process smoothly integrated into their profile on IG:

  • Creating catalogs with actual prices
  • Using an integrated payment system (which isn’t yet available globally, but is about to be)
  • Adding branding details to the content and marking the item.

Nowadays, Instagram makes an effort to create a comfortable environment for sellers and buyers, as well as prevent the app from becoming only a marketplace instead of entertaining social media.

4. Stories Help To Engage And Motivate Buyers

Instagram has one thing that makes it better than all other social platforms — stories. This format of vanishing content is not unique, and many other networks have something similar, but only Instagram stories have made so much fuzz and become iconic. For brands, stories have many interesting features that help to establish quality relationships with the audience. This type of content is very flexible, which makes it the ultimate attention grabber and source of fun. Remember that users actually use social media for fun, so provide various things that will expose your brand at best.

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5. Variety Of Content

Speaking of stories, it is important to mention that Instagram has a wide variety of content formats that can please even the toughest crowd. For businesses, it means that they can expose products in different ways, impressing and surprising the customers. Here are the formats that you can use on Instagram:

All those formats help you to expose different aspects of your brand and improve your connection with your followers. You can engage the audience with videos and photos, giving a better understanding of your product specifications.

6. Influencer Marketing

This is a supreme reason to use Instagram as a marketplace. Influencer marketing is nowhere as strong as it is on Instagram. There are many local celebrities that can become ambassadors of your brand and help you to become known among the audience. The secret to success is that online celebrities have access to a much wider audience that would be hard for you to reach without their help. Another benefit of having influencer marketing in your array of instruments is that you can increase loyalty to your brand and also examine users’ interests and behavior. Choose the brand ambassador wisely so the result is pleasing to you. Try to match the target audience and communicate with the blogger actively to find out which method will work for your promotion and how you want to see the presentation happening. Also discuss your goals and estimated results to make it clear for the influencer too. With a quick brief, online celebrities can do better than if they had just improvised without knowing anything about your brand.

7. Better Reach With Instagram Ads

Of course, this social platform has promotion tools. Ads are the best thing to help to promote your products to the audience, thanks the help of detailed and advanced targeting. However, to use Instagram ads effectively, there is work to be done prior to setting a campaign. First of all, you need to research thoroughly and define your target group. After you get a clear understanding of your potential customer, you should customize your materials accordingly, to impress viewers within the first second. Use Instagram Insights to receive a fresh analytical report.

8. High Mobility

Instagram is a mobile app, which makes it optimal for business promotion. Most people spend enormous time with their phones, and the social network that is exclusively designed for mobile devices is a total attention grabber. Instagram is exquisitely optimized for using on-the-go, and thus you as a brand have more chances to meet and convince your viewers to become your buyers. That can happen if you match your activity time with that of your audience.

9. More Partnerships To Be Made

On Instagram, you can meet not only customers, but partners as well. Many brands use Instagram as a marketplace, so you can keep your hand on the pulse of what is happening in the industry globally and locally. Instagram can be your source of interesting and fruitful collaborations with other brands in your region or influencers of your chosen niche. After all, people on social media are supposed to make friends. Befriend important investors and partners to show them how your business is going. But don’t forget that other businesses are watching you too, so make sure your strategy is secure and ideas look fresh.

10. Brand Exposition and Humanization

On social media like Instagram, the communication is less formal and your relationship with users becomes more sincere and open. People feel less pressure when they address you, and your task here is not to ruin this effect. Social media serves as a brand face that helps to get closer to the customer, and understand their needs and preferences. On Instagram, you can show more than a product. Remember that social media doesn’t sell products. It sells an idea, a lifestyle that other people want to recreate in their life. Your profile is a depiction of what the user wants to have. For example, it will be hard to sell clothes if you only have catalog photos of the item. To draw attention to your items, you create a vision of them in motion — on live models, who wear these clothes in realistic conditions, meeting the imagination of the potential buyer somewhere in between.




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