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Wild Symbols in Slot Machines: How They Work

Before you pull the real (or virtual) lever, it’s smart to learn the mechanics behind the thing that you’re playing.
January 17, 2022
9 mins read

Slot machines are an integral part of the casino experience. The flashing lights, sounds and excitement all lead to one thing: a chance at winning big. There’s just one catch — you don’t know what will happen next. Will those spinning reels line up three cherries? Or maybe a lucky 7 is in your future? The truth is that no one knows for sure about the outcome of gambling, but you can always try your luck at the best newest online casinos in Australia.

However, some wild symbols have been known to help players win large sums of money. This article will look at how the symbols function and what they mean for your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Wild Symbols in Slot Machines: What Are They?

These are symbols that can be used in place of other symbols to obtain winning combinations. They help the player achieve a win, even if they are not lucky enough to get three of the same symbol across one pay line. These wilds will often flash on every spin, indicating their ability to take part in any combination with other symbols on the reel.

The wild symbol is designed to be a bonus for the player, and it can often lead to some very big payouts. In fact, in some cases, the wild symbol will pay out more than any of the other regular symbols on the machine. So, it’s worth searching for this special symbol if you want to maximize your payout on any particular spin.

How Do Wild Symbols Work?

Such symbols work by substituting for other symbols on the reels to form a winning combination. There are some games that can also trigger bonus rounds and award additional payouts. When beginning to delve into the peculiarities of gambling, you will find a lot of benefits of online casinos. The wild symbol appears as an image of a specific character from the game’s theme or video footage related to that particular title. Sometimes it is just “wild” written in a certain font or color.

Wild symbols can also substitute for missing symbols, usually part of winning combinations, such as the scatter and jackpot icons. Wilds will not replace bonus triggers like scatters, though, because these images do not appear on all reels but instead must be located somewhere specific to receive a payout.

Types of Wilds

  1. Random Wild Symbols

A random wild symbol is a symbol that can randomly appear on any of the reels at any time. Such a type of wild is usually used to help provide more winning combinations.

  1. Stacked Wild Symbols

Stacked wild symbols are a type of wild symbol that appears on top of one another. This can help create more winning combinations.

  1. Sticky Wilds

A sticky wild stays in place on the reels for a number of spins, usually between three and five. This can help to create more winning combinations, as well as increase the amount of money that you win.

  1. Moving Wilds

A moving wild is a type of wild symbol that moves from one reel to another as the reels spin. This can result in some big payouts if it helps form a winning combination.

  1. Straight/ Diagonal Wild Symbols

If you find a slot machine with straight/ diagonal wild symbols, this symbol will substitute for all other symbols on the reel except scatters and bonus symbols.

What Are the Benefits of Wild Symbols?

Following are the benefits you can get from wild symbols:

  • Allows you to complete a winning combination even when it is not possible.
  • A wild symbol can be used in place of any other symbols, and this will help increase your chances of getting a winning line or payout/prize.
  • Gives the player an advantage over the machine, as you get more opportunities to increase your winnings.
  • A wild symbol can also act as a multiplier, which means that it will either double or quadruple the payout of any line on which it appears.

Benefits of Wild Symbols 

Below are the key benefits of wild symbols:

  • Wild symbols are powerful tools for increasing players’ chances of getting wins, so try to seek out these symbols when you play slots online and see how they can help you.
  • The benefits of playing online are vast and include the chance to try different games without leaving your home, as well as instant access with no queues or other people to deal with.
  • You also have a lot more flexibility in terms of time available for play, meaning that if something crops up unexpectedly, then you can fit in a quick game without having to rearrange your day.

How To Choose the Best Wild Symbols in Slot Machines?

If you want to make the most of your slots gaming experience, it’s important to understand how wild symbols work. Wild symbols are key to forming winning combinations and can really help boost your payout potential. No matter if you prefer playing on your desktop or opt for the newest gambling app, you can always have a chance to benefit from playing slots. Here is a guide on how to choose the best wild symbols in slot machines:

  • Look for games that have a high RTP. This percentage of the money will be paid back to players over time and is a good indicator of how generous a game is.
  • Choose games with plenty of wild symbols. The more wild symbols there are, the more opportunities you have to form winning combinations.
  • Check out the bonus features available in each game. Bonus features that offer additional wild symbols can really boost your potential payout.
  • Look for games with high bet limits. The higher the maximum you can wager on each spin, the more money is at stake, which increases your chances of winning some serious cash.
  • Play games that are suited to your budget. Don’t be tempted to play high-stakes games if you can’t afford to lose, as this could lead to some serious financial problems. Choose a game with a bet limit that suits your bankroll and stick to it.

When looking for the best wild symbols in slot machines, it’s important to consider all of these factors. By taking the time to do your research, you can increase your chances of winning big.


Slot games are designed for all sorts of players, so whether you prefer high stakes or low, there’s definitely something out there that will appeal to you, and with progressive jackpots on offer too, who knows how much money you could end up winning? The best thing about playing slots online is that you can have a lot of fun for little or no money, so there’s nothing lost by giving it a try.

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