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Why Italian Citizenship by Descent Is the Best Option for Family Immigration

Looking to start anew in another country? If you can trace your ancestry back to Italian, you might have some option.
September 20, 2022
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Starting life afresh in another country is an alluring and daunting prospect at the same time. The complexities of immigration are often the most challenging barrier for aspiring immigrants. But things may get easy if you choose to claim your ancestral connection as some countries let you do. Italy tops the list with one of the simplest citizenship by descent processes. The best part is that the route is ideal for family immigration. You can get a consultation with Bersani Law Firm&Partners for expert guidance on the process. Here is why explain why Italian citizenship by descent is the best option for family immigration.

No Generational Limits for Eligibility

Typically, you will think about your parental connection when considering citizenship by descent. But the Italian Jure Sanguinis process has no generational limits. It lets you apply through your grandparents, great-grandparents, and beyond. Just ensure that your ancestor was alive after the Italian unification in 1861. Another factor to confirm your eligibility is that the ancestor should have retained their citizenship and not naturalized elsewhere before the birth of their child. Having a female ancestor may get you in a fix if she gave birth before 1948. But you can still claim citizenship through a court process under the 1948 Rule. The process is quite similar to the consulate route.

One-Time Process for the Entire Family

Italian citizenship by descent has a well-defined process as you require paperwork to validate your ancestral connection in Italy. Gathering documents from the ancestor’s comune can be tricky, but a local immigration expert can help. Once you sort the paperwork, the rest is easy as you can apply at your local consulate instead of traveling to Italy. But the waiting part can be frustrating because you may have to wait for several months or even a year for your interview appointment. But all the effort and patience are worthwhile as it is a one-time process for the entire family. Once you claim citizenship, your spouse and dependent children get it. You only have to register them in Italy.

A Legacy for the Next Generations

Another reason making Italian citizenship by descent an excellent family immigration route is that it creates a legacy for the next generations. Your dependents get the second passport after the completion of the process, and it passes on to your grandchildren and the generations beyond. Even adult children can apply for the Jure Sanguinis process and claim citizenship through your connection. The Italian passport is among the best in the world, and you cannot give a better gift to your current family and future generations. So you must go ahead to claim it through your ancestral connections without second thoughts.

Besides the immigration benefits, your family members can enjoy an excellent lifestyle after moving to Italy as citizens. You can build a home and future in the country by educating your children, setting up a business and buying property. Consider it an opportunity to live a dream life in one of the most incredible countries.


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