in article about placing bets, a stack of coins

The Most Popular Types of Bets You Can Place Online in Bulgaria

There’s more to it than pulling a lever or putting some chips down at the blackjack table.

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in article about placing bets, a stack of coins

There’s more to it than pulling a lever or putting some chips down at the blackjack table.

The fact that online betting is popular in a country where gambling is allowed probably doesn’t surprise most of you. Despite the complicated licensing process and the corruption scandals that took place in the last couple of years, Bulgaria continues to attract online betting companies from all over the world. That’s why the Bulgarian Nostrabet provides online bettors with multiple world-class betting companies and professional reviews about them. This information is helpful because it covers everything a bettor wants to know about a gambling company.

Since there are several Bulgarian and international gambling sites in the country, local bettors have the chance to use loads of sections. In other words, users can place different types of bets. Some things are more sought-after than others, but this doesn’t mean the less popular variations are not worth it. Here are a couple of notable options that deserve more attention.

Regular Sports Betting

The classic sportsbook may seem boring to some, but it continues to be the go-to option for many people who want to bet online. Consequently, almost every betting company (including those that provide casino games) has a sportsbook.

Most sports sections look the same, but there are always plenty of differences once you take a closer look at them. The number of sports is the first thing that comes to mind because certain brands are known for providing more options. Sadly, some of the bookies in Bulgaria only offer the sports that most users bet on.

If the online bookies you’re comparing have the same sports, check the markets. Having the chance to pick from a wide range of markets means you have more options to wager on. With that being said, quality is much more important than quantity, so don’t choose a bookie just because of its markets. Check them out and decide whether they are worth it.

Finally, everyone needs to check the odds. Regardless of the sport that you want to wager on, find a bookie with high odds and at least a couple of formats. Speaking of the devil, most places offer Decimal and Fractional. However, you can also find Malaysian, Hong Kong, and a couple of additional options.

Virtual Sports

The regular sports section is something that you will find all the time. Despite the many fans, some Bulgarian bettors want to use a different option, such as virtual sports. That’s why the Bulgarian site Nostrabet provides a list of bookies known for their virtual sports sections.

It is important to know that most virtual sports are like casino games when it comes down to their developers. This means that the bookie rarely develops these options because it uses third-party companies’ sites. Hence, some virtual sports sections seem similar.

People interested in these things will find computer simulations of the most popular sports. Football, basketball and tennis are consistently among the available options, but some companies provide even more alternatives. For example, there are different horse races, greyhounds and a variety of motorsports.

Virtual sports are becoming more popular in Bulgaria, which is why people can often come across different bonuses. There are even places where gamblers may have the chance to participate in tournaments.


Although some people don’t consider playing lotto games to be the same as placing a bet, they have a lot of similarities because both things require you to use real money. Consequently, this option has been added to the list.

Lotteries are definitely not as common as the two gambling options mentioned above, especially in Bulgaria. This betting section is relatively new, but this doesn’t mean people don’t want to give it a chance.

There are different kinds of lottos that online bettors have the chance to use. Some of them only include numbers, whereas others have additional requirements. Interestingly, certain betting sites allow Bulgarians to access lottos that take place worldwide.

Esports Betting

Many online bookmakers don’t have a separate esports betting category yet, but this will change because computer games are taking over this industry. Although some gamblers haven’t had the chance to stake on those things before, some of the best Dota 2 and CS:GO players are from Bulgaria, so it is a matter of time before this option becomes a lot more popular.

Betting on esports requires you to follow the same steps as you would if you wanted to wager on any other sport. The only difference is in the number of markets and features. Some of Bulgaria’s finest esports sites offer live streaming for almost every popular event.

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