Nobody is having as good a year as Rihanna. (Image via Vox)

Rihanna Has Been Officially Appointed Ambassador Extraordinary of Barbados

What we’ve known all along has finally become a reality: Rihanna is royalty.

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Nobody is having as good a year as Rihanna. (Image via Vox)

What we’ve known all along has finally become a reality: Rihanna is royalty.

Our girl Rihanna already had a ton on her plate, what with her lingerie line, makeup collection, major movie roles, philanthropic work and chart-topping hits (we’re still waiting for that album, Ri … ). But now she’s got some much more political fish to fry after being named ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to her home country of Barbados.

Rihanna was born in Saint Michael, Barbados, and grew up in the capital of Bridgetown. This isn’t even the first time Rihanna has been honored back home. Last year, the street she used to live was re-named Rihanna Drive.

Rihanna was actually made an ambassador of culture back in 2018, but this new title heaps a lot more political responsibility onto her shoulders. A plenipotentiary is “a person especially a diplomat, invested with the full power of independent action on behalf of their government, typically in a foreign country.”

So you just know Rihanna is going to be out there making some big moves.

The Barbadian prime minister, Mia Amor Mottley, who is already making history herself by being Barbados’ first female and openly lesbian prime minister, said in a statement that the Barbadian government was honored “to be able to confer the title on this outstanding Barbadian who has contributed significantly to raising the island’s profile across the world.”

“Rihanna has a deep love for this country and this is reflected in her philanthropy, especially in the areas of health and education,” Mottley said in a statement to Deadline. “She also shows her patriotism in the way she gives back to this country and continues to treasure the island as her home. She has also demonstrated, beyond her success as a pop icon, significant creative acumen and shrewdness in business. It is therefore fitting that we engage and empower her to play a more definitive role as we work to transform Barbados.”

Rihanna’s governmental duties will include “promoting education, tourism and investment for the island.”

But more importantly … she now posses the title “Her Excellency.” Our Princess Ri has finally been recognized as the royalty she was all along. Technically, she should be referred to as “Her Excellency Dr. Robyn Rihanna Fenty” because of her honorary doctorate from the University of the West Indies, but I’m not trying to make everyone else feel bad about themselves.

Rihanna says she “couldn’t be more proud to take on such a prestigious title in my home country.”

“Every Barbadian is going to have to play their role in this current effort, and I’m ready and excited to take on the responsibility,” Rihanna said. “I look forward to working with Prime Minister Mottley and her team to reimagine Barbados.”

We already knew Rihanna could do anything, but this is the first time I think a celebrity absolutely deserves a position of political power. Prime Minister Fenty, anybody?

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