Illustration of woman using Overtone conditioner
It's popular, but will it look good? (Illustration by Ashawna Linyard, Georgia State University)

I Tried oVertone, the Trendy Color Conditioner, so You Don’t Have To

Is it the way for easy, at-home hair coloring, or will you just end up disappointed?

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Illustration of woman using Overtone conditioner
It's popular, but will it look good? (Illustration by Ashawna Linyard, Georgia State University)

Is it the way for easy, at-home hair coloring, or will you just end up disappointed?

Bright colored hair has been having a moment lately. Everyone from Taylor Swift to Halsey are taking turns experimenting with fashionable hair colors like pinks, blues and purples. Fans of these musicians and other fun-haired celebs are getting major inspiration to try out a bold new color, and thanks to products like oVertone, a color depositing conditioner, vibrant colors are now possible from the comfort of home.

After seeing oVertone practically everywhere, from YouTube videos to Instagram, I decided to give the cult classic conditioner a go. In this article, I will give you a rundown of my whole experience with the product from start to finish including the good, the bad and the ugly. So, without further ado, let’s dive into my adventure with coloring my hair at home with oVertone color depositing conditioner.

I had seen oVertone advertised and recommended quite a bit before I decided to bite the bullet and place an order. What made me decide to finally give the product a go was having my hair dyed “rose gold” by my hairdresser. I am no stranger to unconventional colors, as I had played around with having pink and purple put into my hair, so I had no hesitations with testing out some rose gold tendrils. However, when my sweet hairdresser showed me the final product, my ends looked a bit more mousy brown than rich and rosy. So, still in pursuit of rocking some rose gold hair, I paid the oVertone website a visit, and thus my hair journey began.

I had done a little bit of research while trying to figure out what color to choose in order to achieve my desired results; I was stuck between buying the original rose gold conditioner and the rose gold for brown hair conditioner, due to my ends leaning toward being more of a brown color than a blonde one. In the end, I chose the rose gold for brown hair because I was afraid that the original rose gold wouldn’t provide me with the color I was going for. I chose to spring for the complete system, which includes a tub of the infamous deep treatment color depositing conditioner, a bottle of the color depositing daily conditioner, as well as a travel-size version.

When I was purchasing my products, oVertone had a deal going on where if you subscribed to the company’s text messages, you would get 10% off of your order, so naturally I signed up like any college student trying to save some coins. Next came the waiting: I chose the cheapest shipping option and received my order in around nine days, a bit of a wait in today’s era of two-day shipping. Upon getting my order, I wasted no time before diving into the product and giving the color a whirl.

I watched a few tutorials of other novice at-home hair stylists applying the products before making my foray into using oVertone. Shortly after I donned some sick disposable gloves and began sectioning my hair in a manner similar to the ones I had seen in the tutorials, the fun began (or so I thought). As soon as I started applying the conditioner, my mom barged into the room and, in typical mom fashion, made sure I had something down in case the conditioner was to get on her precious white counters or bathtub. This interaction led to her helping me with the remainder of the process.

Once my mom and I realized just how pigmented the conditioner was, we decided it would be best to rinse the conditioner out in our stainless steel kitchen sink instead of the shower in order to avoid any potential stainage. I highly recommend having a buddy to help with washing the conditioner out in the sink, as it is difficult to see if the color is completely out without a mirror, and the product is known to stain on occasion. Next up was the drying process, aka when I realized I had just made a terrible color decision. Remember when I mentioned that I was aiming for a rose gold look? Well, instead of looking like a peach princess I looked more like Stephanie from the kids show “Lazy Town” due to the color really soaking up my practically platinum highlights in my bangs and roots.

Ready to face the music, I headed downstairs and showed off my new ‘do to my family. Thankfully, I tend to not take life too seriously and was able to get a laugh out of the situation; however I was not thrilled with the results and was a bit hesitant to meet my new therapist the next day with my flashy new hair (reader, I did meet my therapist with my new hair and it was all good).

On a mission to lighten the effects of the oVertone, I returned to YouTube to scour for removal methods that didn’t require bleach. I tried to use a whole bunch of cheap shampoo and washed my hair multiple times a day, but the effects were minimal. I eventually tried another technique that seemed to be pretty popular on YouTube, which was mixing purple shampoo, baking soda, dish soap — and peroxide, which I chose to leave out. I used this magical concoction twice, and it did seem to make quite the difference compared to washing my hair with Herbal Essences five times in a row.

That leaves us at present day. I am now sporting the remnants of my oVertone experiment, and honestly kind of digging the muted magenta highlights. Now, for the million dollar question: Would I recommend oVertone? While I may have came off a bit sassy about my experience with the trendy conditioner, I can see many people enjoying it, as it does have many perks over going to the salon or using box dye. With the product being a deep conditioner, it is significantly more hydrating and less damaging than bleaching your hair and applying color. The product also smells really great. And worst-case scenario, it washes out, so color newbies and enthusiasts alike can experiment with some fun colors.


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