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Is the Microsoft AZ-900 Certification Worth It?

Learning more about Azure could open up some possibilities for you.
July 12, 2021
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Microsoft has recently made major changes to the certification system for Azure. The new system involves a series of certification pathways that professionals can follow for specific job roles. Microsoft retired several old certifications and introduced new ones. The AZ 900 certification course happens to be one of these new additions. Also known as Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, this certification essentially introduces the candidates to the basics of Microsoft Azure. However, just like any other examination, a candidate must gauge whether it is worth pursuing.

What does this certification cover?

The AZ-900 certification introduces the aspirants to various fundamental concepts in Azure. Its scope is quite broad, thus giving the candidates a good overview. The domains that this certification covers are:

  • Understanding core Azure services
  • Understanding cloud concepts
  • Understanding Azure pricing and support
  • Understanding privacy, compliance, security and trust

Learning about these topics and the sub-topics that they cover can provide a beginner with valuable information. The contents of the course are not specific to any single job role. Instead, they are quite broad and useful to cloud computing professionals preparing for any job roles.

Is obtaining the AZ-900 course necessary?

In the new series of certifications that Microsoft has come up with, each certification pathway prepares a candidate for specific job roles. Some of these certifications also require the candidates to obtain other certifications as pre-requisites first. The AZ-900 course, however, is a relatively entry-level course. While none of the Microsoft online courses requires the candidates to pass the AZ-900 exam as a pre-requisite, obtaining this certification is still a great preparatory step.

Thus, Microsoft does not require the candidates to complete the AZ-900 course before pursuing the specialized courses. However, the preparations would help a candidate understand the concepts far better.

Who should opt for the AZ-900 course?

Now, in most Microsoft certification courses, it is relatively easy for the candidates to decide whether it is worth opting for the course. As each course is meant for professionals pursuing specific roles, one must consider whether the certification would be necessary for a particular role.

For instance, a professional who aims to build a career in cloud security would opt for the Azure security certifications. However, the AZ-900 certification is optional. No specific job role requires the candidates to possess it. This can make it a little challenging to decide whether it is worth pursuing this certification. The following candidates would find this course beneficial:

  • For a professional who is currently working as an on-premise sysadmin but is transitioning into a cloud-based role, this course is a great way to begin.
  • For a professional who possesses some experience in cloud computing but is new to Microsoft Azure, this course would be helpful.
  • If an individual is not a Microsoft certified professional yet but is instead entering the industry, preparing for this exam would be worth it. Even if cloud computing is entirely new to you, this course will help you get started quickly.

Thus, the AZ-900 certification is best for individuals new to Azure or cloud computing as a whole. It covers the fundamental topics, making it much easier to understand the subjects that the more specialized exams cover.

Why should someone obtain the Microsoft Azure certifications?

The AZ-900 exam is the first step toward building a career in Microsoft Azure and obtaining more advanced certifications. However, it is natural to wonder what makes it worth pursuing the Microsoft certifications for Azure in the first place. Well, the answer to this is quite simple. Unlike most other industries, there are no competencies in the IT industry that find universal acceptance across all the companies. This implies that rather than having a linear career path, there are many paths to choose from.

Professional holding expertise in AWS would not be suitable for a job role that requires the candidate to possess competency in Azure. This is why a professional must undergo Microsoft certification training for specific Azure job roles. Although AWS currently leads the market, Azure holds a critical spot too. The demand for Azure professionals is on the rise, and the AZ-900 course makes it easy for individuals to start their careers in this field.

How can you build up your expertise in Azure services?

You may opt for the AZ-900 course at one of the leading Microsoft-certified institutions, such as Koenig. Once you have learned about the fundamentals, you may pursue the courses specific to the job role that you seek. Building up Microsoft artificial intelligence and cloud computing skills would undoubtedly pay off by easing up the path to secure lucrative jobs and promotions. Professionals eyeing better opportunities in their respective career circuits are habitually enrolling in this program.

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