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Bitcoin on a wallet
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Many are curious about the status of this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular virtual coins. It is worth close to $2.1 trillion USD in the current crypto market and Bitcoin had a total value of around $750 billion USD a few weeks before March. Bitcoin is also known for its risks, like volatility. After getting a modest start in 2009, the currency reached $1,000 USD in 2017. It then rose to an all-time high in November 2019 by coming close to $70,000 USD. Again, in May 2022, it is close to $30,000 USD. However, risks like volatility have never kept Bitcoin at bay. As per the top analysts at Goldman Sachs, one can see Bitcoin even going beyond $100,000 USD. Soon it could replace assets like gold in the market. It is also known as the crypto king in the market. You can come to know and learn a lot by visiting

Putting Bitcoin into your investment portfolio

Unlike the conventional investment options like the stock market, Bitcoin works differently. Stocks can open and close during working hours, while Bitcoin is accessed around the clock and around the year. Investors can easily access Bitcoin on several crypto-based exchanges. You can even make crypto trades at any time of day. Some investors are now turning to Bitcoin since it is linked to many more stocks. It can help diversify one’s portfolio. And although Bitcoin can be a bit volatile, as per experts, having a lower portfolio allocation to things like Bitcoin can help boost returns without exposure to profile losses.

Several investors like Bitcoin as they feel it doesn’t correlate with stocks, and again, they feel it makes for a good portfolio diversifier. However, as the price of Bitcoin becomes too volatile, one can find several experts having lower-profile allocations to Bitcoin. It can also be a non-linked asset compared to the current stocks and bonds in any conventional account.

Living with the risk of owning Bitcoin

Investing in Bitcoin can be challenging. The reasons are the coin’s unpredictability and the volatility in its price. The volatility of Bitcoin seems higher than more traditional assets like stocks. It makes Bitcoin risky. On the other hand, the highest performance of the coin also has encouraged many investors to take on the challenge and gain more in returns. You can find several reasons why BTC is so volatile. First, there is the speculation around the coin and its future. You can find too many investors now identifying Bitcoin as a decent vehicle for spectacular gains. Many experts feel that Bitcoin can rise significantly, and its value can also increase substantially. An abundance of investors are speculating about Bitcoin’s future price, and it comes out without having any intrinsic value, unlike gold.

Cyberattacks pose another risk for Bitcoin. Hackers can now target cryptocurrency-based exchanges wherein billions of money are seen as the market cap. Cryptocurrencies have been lost in the market thanks to the menace of hacking. The threat has remained ever since Bitcoin first came onto the scene in January 2009. Many potential investors are also wary of the environmental impact of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin network depends in part on Bitcoin mining, which also depletes a lot of energy.

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