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Who wouldn’t want to accomplish more?

To accomplish more, as a student or as a professional, it is absolutely necessary to organize one’s day with the utmost precision, arranging your various commitments according to their priority or their particular importance at that particular time of the year.

It is perfectly unnecessary for students and workers to assiduously seek practical ways to increase their productivity, to be able to concentrate or study longer, uninterruptedly. These skills can be acquired in a simple and straightforward manner, just by following some good advice coming from the right person.

How to Increase Personal Productivi...
How to Increase Personal Productivity in the Workplace

There is absolutely no need to enroll in specialized courses or spend hours in front of your device screen, watching lectures or workshops given by some network guru who promises to positively revolutionize your daily life.

Rigorous Organization

On some occasions, in fact, what is lacking for those who want full success is not a willingness to self-discipline, or to sacrifice a portion of one’s pleasures for the sake of achieving a particular goal, but a practical ability to organize that can help you properly channel motivation in the right direction — a concrete and extremely rigorous plan with which to put a completely different face on each day.

The input that triggers productivity actually starts with the mind. In the case of productivity, the trick is to stimulate it naturally with a series of mental hooks, with a series of anchor points to be selected very carefully and inserted into your day, separated by two or three time intervals.

These mental anchor points serve to demarcate the intervals of time you will want to devote to a specific activity, such as study or work. In fact, these particular moments of the day, which can last for hours at a time, must be carefully circumscribed within a specific time boundary, and demarcated with some specific mental hooks that can be represented by a particular event, a lunch, a certain time, or an appointment.

If you know in advance, for example, that at 1:30 p.m. you will finish lunch and that at 3 p.m. sharp you will be engaged in a call, you will know very well that you can count on an hour and a half to devote to what you need, devoting yourself to it with all your soul. If you get used to planning all these time intervals well in advance, making a real weekly schedule of your study or work hours, you can undoubtedly greatly increase your productivity, your work performance and your ability to study in a methodical, almost foolproof manner.

A Simple Method

This method will not only make you more productive and high-performing, it will also allow you to organize your days differently and find extra free time that can be used for all those personal projects (including those related to studying or learning some new skill) that you had temporarily put aside.

Major events and events of global scope always provide a great mine of mental hooks to use for your goals. In November, the final stages of the World Cup will be played in Qatar. It will be extremely easy for students and workers who are passionate about soccer to organize their days, dividing them between moments of leisure activities and those to be devoted to more important activities: the mental hooks, in this case, would be represented by the soccer matches that will be played almost every day, for a month (at different times of the day), and that would allow students and workers to use the time intervals, that is, the hours between one match and the next, to study or work, knowing full well that the moment of leisure will come soon after.

Those who have not yet gathered all the information about this very special World Cup, which will take place for the first time in the fall, can consult one of the many sites where exhaustive guides focusing on the event have been included, with details about the teams, the scheduled matches and even the World Cup betting odds, so that they can experience these special moments in an even more intense and exciting way. This information will prove to be of great use for anyone who would like to properly inform themselves about the upcoming event, but also for those who would like to place a bet in a simple, quick and safe way, relying on the guides and advice made by experts in the field.

In a way, the World Cup thus represents an exceptional incentive for productivity, while also giving everyone an opportunity to indulge in their favorite pastimes.

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