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It’s never too early.

Investing is no longer something that just older people do or something that requires a degree. The most recent Schwab survey concluded that a new investment generation is in the making — Gen I. This generation is not based on age parameters but by their investment style. We are looking at a savvier generation, ready to plan for their financial future. It is in fact estimated that 16% of new investors are the young people of Gen Z.

Young people are beginning to step aside from the social security and pension systems and prepare for a stable financial future by investing in the financial market. These endeavors start as early as their high school days and gain strength as they move to college.

This article will go through the top investment opportunities students can take to build their financial future.

Investment Opportunities

The 2022 Investopedia Financial Literacy Survey showed that half of Gen Z students had made some kind of investment, although 31% have stated that they genuinely understand investing.

Trading with any financial instrument is always challenging at first and requires devoting some time. Whether you’re a high school student or in college, deciding what financial instrument you’re willing to invest in is the hardest part.

Crypto & NFT Market

The same survey by Investopedia revealed that cryptocurrency is the most desired trading asset by students (and older generations as well). The current market value of this instrument is around $986 billion.

Considering that young people grew up alongside the development of the digital currency and the fact that it’s gained so much attention that several countries have made crypto a legal currency, they are confident in its continuous growth.

Another similar asset is NFTs. These digital artworks are just starting out, yet they have reached a market cap of $840 million this year.

Stocks Market

When discussing investing, the first thing that comes to mind is trading on the stock market. A Motley Fool survey for 2021 showed that 73% of Gen Z are putting their money on the stock exchange. The biggest stock market right now is in the U.S., which holds 59.9% of the total world equity market value.

There are many stock market news sites where students can get the latest information and tailor their trading strategies accordingly. Naturally, beginners are always advised to do their research and find a suitable broker through which they can enter the stock exchange.

Forex Market

The currency exchange market is not the first thing many students consider when considering investing. However, this is one of the most profitable markets if used correctly. As of now, this market is valued at about $2.409 quadrillion.

As the most volatile market, the forex exchange allows for significant gains but, at the same time, may bring huge losses. This is why students are encouraged to research more about forex news and find good strategies and brokers.

Certificates of Deposits (CDs)

One very simple way students can make more money and not go through the trading market is by investing cash in CDs. These are savings accounts in which you place an amount of cash for a fixed period and, as a return, get interest.

These interest rates are higher than those of traditional savings accounts, making them more desirable for students. CDs are an asset primarily used in the US, but brokers may trade with so-called brokered CDs.


If you can’t hold a CD but still want to take a safer investment alternative, then dividends are the best option. These are rewards you get for holding a share in a company. To be able to get the amount from the dividend, naturally, you’d have to hold a share at a company.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must enter the complete process of the stock exchange market. You are eligible for the dividend payouts as long as you have a share in the company.

Individual Retirement Account (IRAs)

It might sound strange thinking about retirement at a young age, but investing in your future can never start too early. An IRA is another type of savings account that gives you some tax advantages.

The money you invest here can only be withdrawn after a certain period, making it a safe and stable plan for your future.

Do Your Homework & Diversify

The most important advice for students that want to build their financial future is to start today.

The turbulent financial world has many opportunities to strengthen your passive portfolio – you just need to find the right fit. And, of course, a diversified portfolio will give every investor a bigger chance for profit.

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