Hey, Instagram marketers, this article is about what I discovered regarding IG stories promotion 2022. Things like a stories IG downloader and compelling storytelling have helped me achieve excellent results when promoting client accounts in 2021. They will be relevant in 2022, and in the future as well.

Looking ahead, I’m happy to share that storysavee is the best thing in Instagram promotion I’ve tried in the past year. It allows me to perform many activities, like saving my competitors’ stories, getting videos from IG for future us, and much more. Stay tuned to get all my secrets and get your stories to reach the limit.

 My most successful stories consist of:

  • Storytelling
  • Viral Content
  • Lead Magnet

Let’s dive into each ingredient of my reach-boosting stories cocktail and examine in detail what will make your stories pop.

Storytelling in Instagram Stories

These are stories in the first person about one’s own experiences. This is an amazing and oft-overlooked thing to try. Such content works better (by 70-80% in my experience) than the usual ”useful” posts in the question-answer format because they help to see an ordinary person as an expert — and as a result increase trust.

Example: I’m promoting the personal blog of a writer. In two months of working with targeted ads, she acquired 1,000 real followers. But there were no book pre-orders or even 20% engagement with her account. When maintaining her usual posting, we began to include stories that employed storytelling. Afterward, engagement increased and the first pre-orders for the book began to arrive in a week.

How to use the storytelling format in stories:

  1. Use video format, text format and interactivity. Create polls on storytelling videos and foster engagement as much as you can.
  2. Use best practices in your stories. Don’t even try to start storytelling without consciously trying to maximize engagement. This will make it possible to increase who sees your stories and the number of reactions. The percentage of views for your last story in the series should be 80% or more if you do it right.
  3. Download IG stories of your rivals and competitors to copy some ideas and get inspiration to practice your storytelling. Use the Inflact Stories IG download tool. And it is even better to switch on an automatic download for your rival’s accounts stories. With this feature, you can download Instagram stories of any account without a click. You just need to set it to save from a particular account once, and all future stories will be saved in the Cloud library ready for you to save on your device. (Link is the second paragraph.)

How to download IG stories of your competitors

  1. Find your competitors’ accounts on Instagram.
  2. Copy the names of the Instagram account you’d like to download stories from.
  3. Paste the name of the Instagram account into the Inflact tool for IG download stories.
  4. Tap Download.
  5. The Inflact tool for IG stories download will show all available photos and videos that can be saved.
  6. Choose any you find relevant and tap “Download.”
  7. Choose a place for downloading IG stories on your device.
  8. Watch downloaded stories. It will be of the best quality and available for reuse.

This feature boosted the storytelling on my client’s accounts. Before getting a closer look at competitors’ stories, my clients would have never been able to make such content. But after I downloaded stories and educated them with materials from competitors’ accounts, we were able to learn something new.

It is important to remember when using storytelling in stories that we do not make this just for fun. We always remember the commercial orientation of the account.

Viral Videos in Stories

You can upload videos to your story that last from 15 seconds to one minute. Use this feature to create an engaging long video story made from other accounts’ stories.

I use IG stories download in many ways to create engaging stories:

  • Download IG stories of users from the same location.
  • Download Stories IG to show different opinions on one topic.
  • Save other accounts’ stories to comment on them right in your own stories.

When you make an Instagram video longer than 15 seconds, the thumbnails will show how many stories you have recorded. Each recorded or uploaded 15 seconds of media turns into an independent story, and in one session you can record up to four videos with a total duration of up to 1 minute.

For editing such long videos, I suggest using the free Videoleap app.

Lead Magnet on a “Pop” Topic

While promoting certain Instagram blogs, I noticed a few that did not really have a “story” about what the blog was about. They had a very high transition cost. To reduce it, I tried to make a lead magnet — a checklist or guide on a topic relevant to a wide audience.

The key is the WIDE audience. “How to love children unconditionally?” “How to save $1000 a month without any problems?” The topic of a lead magnet should be somehow connected to the main profile topic. As a result, the cost of the transition decreased by three to five times.

Hope this advice will help boost your stories’ reach. Experiment with this format and you will eventually get what you want out of Instagram promotion.


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