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Rolling Into the Fall Semester, Here’s What’s Good at California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

Matadors will enter the new semester with school spirit!

The fall semester is approaching rapidly for many students, and some have already begun their school year. For many college and university students, the return to school is cushioned by fun campus events and activities. For California State University, Northridge (CSUN), there are and will continue to be plentiful activities and events for returning students, as well as freshmen and transfers. Set to begin the fall semester on Aug. 29, CSUN students are already anticipating the upcoming events and activities taking place in the following months.

For many freshmen and transfer students looking to either become more involved with their campus or otherwise enrich their college experience, these events may be the perfect fit. Of course, some of the activities may be aimed at a particular group, but one of these might just be up someone’s alley. Here are a couple of CSUN-hosted events and activities available for students attending this fall semester.

1. New Student Welcome

The New Student Welcome event is curated especially for incoming freshman and transfer students majoring in journalism. However, returning journalism majors may find that this event can benefit them as well. There are multiple clubs associated with the journalism field at CSUN, including the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) and Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), and they will all be present during the event. Each club is set to have its own booth and a couple of the club’s representatives to promote it.

The goal is to encourage newcomers to perhaps join a journalism club of their choosing (possibly their major’s emphasis). Before the event, the journalism faculty has arranged program activities to assimilate students into the new campus and the major. Afterward, the networking between clubs and new students begins! This is set to take place on Aug. 17 – it functions both as an annual event as well as an official welcome!

2. MataFest

Named after CSUN’s mascot, Matty the Matador, MataFest is a fun mini-festival held annually for students. Entrance to the event is free of charge (which is convenient in itself) and as usual, the festival will contain many activities. As always, this event is organized by the University Student Union (USU) and is meant to kick off the new semester. CSUN students and their friends are invited to join in and play games for the opportunity to score cool prizes, including gift cards, keychains and plushies.

In addition to the fun games and prizes, food will be served, all for an afternoon of amusement. The chance to network, eat and become more connected with the campus will make for a grand time. USU has also made sure to make an afternoon of it by introducing important campus material. The information provided will give intel about available campus resources and services helpful for students. There is nothing to lose by attending this interactive event filled with great activities. It is set to take place on Sept. 1, and it is open to all students!

3. MoodSwing Band Reunion

The MoodSwing band, consisting of saxophonist Joshua Redman, pianist Brad Mehldau, bassist Christian McBride, and drummer Brian Blade, are all collectively set to reunite for a night of music. After the band member’s individual triumphs, they will once again play together. In fact, Mehldau won the 2020 Grammy for best jazz instrumental album and now will be back for the CSUN show. The Soraya Building, an extension of the CSUN campus, will host this event. The four talented musicians’ reunion promises an “unforgettable performance” that will include brand new pieces and original musical works. This special night is set to take place on Sept. 22 with tickets that range from $39-$94!

4. Summer MovieFest

Following CSUN’s summer tradition of Thursday movie nights, Associated Students (AS) will show two more films in the final two weeks before the fall semester begins. The weekly event that began on June 9 will finally conclude on Aug. 25 for the summer; known as “Movies Shown at Dusk,” this event will finally be coming to a close. The two final films being shown will be “Fantastic Beasts 3” (Aug. 18) and “Doctor Strange 2” (Aug. 25). So, if you have not already made one of these film showings, or you want to squeeze one final movie night in, these are the ultimate opportunities. For an outdoor movie night, bring friends along for the film, where there will be food trucks, some activities and (occasionally promised) giveaways. In accordance with COVID-19 regulations, masks will not be required but will be provided if needed.

5. SRC: American Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED Certification in One Day

For incoming or returning students looking to enhance their resumes and learn a life-altering skill, acquiring your CPR certification is one of the best ways to go! CSUN’s Student Recreation Center (SRC) offers this amazing opportunity to students every semester, and the fall semester is no different. On select Saturdays between Sept. 10 and Dec. 3, this class is up for grabs. Every month for the entirety of the fall semester there are at least one to three Saturday dates open. This life-saving skill is an effective tool and the class may be completed as an extracurricular. The recurring event has a registration process that includes a $59 fee for students to complete the seminar. In just one day’s time, attendees are able to obtain their certification, and there are several chances to do so.


Jumping back into a new semester or starting your first year at CSUN (or any semester for that matter) can be tricky. From a well-deserved summer break, it is best to find campus activities and events to reassociate with university life. These events are meant to be relaxed and informative, with the intention of benefitting student life. From fun events to fulfilling activities, there is plenty to choose from if you want to feel involved at CSUN.

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