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Five Reasons Why Sesame Online Became Available in Bulgaria

A new player has entered the market of this Eastern European country.
April 16, 2022
4 mins read

Despite the heavy gambling regulations in some countries, many companies decided to create an online gambling platform. Speaking of rules, there are countries like Bulgaria where gambling online is allowed. However, the platform needs to have a valid permit. This explains why brands from different parts of the world are accessible to local iGaming fans.

Those who are interested in online betting and reside in Bulgaria should know that the creation of Sesame online happened not long ago, and some sites have already written professional reviews. Even if you take a quick look at it, you can see that Sesame is willing to do what it takes to take its place among the leaders.

Since the competition in Bulgaria is fierce, some people might wonder why Sesame is so eager to succeed. Let’s go over some of the reasons.

1. Online betting in Bulgaria is really popular

Those who don’t know much about this Balkan country might wonder why so many gambling sites try to obtain a permit from the local gambling commission. Although Bulgaria has a small population, many people bet online daily. They use domestic and betting platforms for sports betting and casino games.

Another thing that makes the country intriguing is that some punters also use land-based casinos. Sesame knows this because it already runs numerous real casinos across the country. Even though they have local fans, online betting is becoming more popular, which is why the company decided to create an online platform. The latter will allow it to compete against other top Bulgarian online casinos.

2. The Sesame casino site offers more games than usual

Regardless of which of the best casinos in Las Vegas you go to, you will see that it does not offer as many games as its online counterpart. That’s mainly because these casinos have a limit to the games they can provide to their clients. Fortunately, this is not a problem for iGaming casinos.

Despite the fact that this company’s brick-and-mortar casinos feature a respectable number of games, Sesame’s online platforms offer even more options. Courtesy of top-rated casino software brands, Sesame offers things like Drops & Wins, Bonus Buy, and games with real casino dealers.

3. The Sesame online site allows the operator to accept more payment options

There are different drawbacks that sports punters and those who like real casinos must keep in mind. One of the biggest problems is related to the usage of cash instead of different payment solutions.

Sesame has first-hand experience with this, but thanks to its online betting platform, punters are no longer restricted in terms of payment alternatives. Even though they can’t make payments with things like digital currencies, Sesame accepts many options. Punters can use a bank wire transfer, digital wallets, and the go-to Bulgarian payment solutions. This includes A1, Cashterminal, EasyPay, Phyre, and more.

Apart from the wide variety of payment solutions, betting online allows punters to be more flexible when depositing or withdrawing. That’s because the minimum amounts are usually lower than those found elsewhere. For example, Sesame Bulgaria has a minimum deposit requirement of 10 BGN.

4. Sesame’s online platform will attract customers that wouldn’t visit its land-based casinos

As mentioned earlier, Bulgaria is a place where online betting dominates even among traditional land-based bettors. What’s even more impressive is that there are punters who haven’t even used any of the real casinos and betting shops and still prefer to bet online because they can play from the comfort of their homes. In most cases, those people wouldn’t have used the given brand’s services if they had to physically go somewhere to bet. However, since accessing numerous betting sections has never been easier, people decide to put it to the test.

5. By optimizing its website for mobile devices, Sesame is accessible by mobile bettors

Every big betting company knows that mobile betting will play an even more critical role in the future. Similar to other countries, Bulgarians use smartphones and tablets daily. Hence, companies that provide them with mobile platforms will be more successful.

Although Sesame does not have a mobile app for iOS and Android yet, it has a fully optimized mobile site. This means that Bulgarian mobile bettors can access it using a variety of handheld devices.

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