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Betway screens on laptop, phone and other mobile devices

Here are some things to know about this Eastern European gaming platform.

Every new thing is usually interesting, and people want to put it to the test, especially if it is related to online betting. Speaking of new things, the latest iGaming site in Bulgaria is called Betway, and it is an international company. Thanks to its several years of experience and the fact that it is accessible in many countries, the brand became the preferred option for millions of gamblers.

You can always learn more information about Betway BG because there are several thorough reviews. They will show you what to expect from this company and what makes it better than the rest. Speaking of being better, here are five facts that you should be aware of before putting Betway’s platform to the test. Besides the positives, this online betting site also has some flaws, so keep that in mind.

1. Betway offers most of its sections in Bulgaria, but there are some exceptions

One of the most important things this article pointed out earlier is that this bookie is accessible worldwide. Naturally, there are many differences between the betting platforms in some countries. That’s why most customers have access to different betting sections.

Bulgarians are lucky because Betway offers most of its popular options in the country. The sportsbook is probably the most interesting one, but there are also things like a casino and a live casino. Gamblers can also access a Vegas section and wager on eSports and virtual sports. This means there are plenty of options to pick from.

Having said that, Betway also offers additional perks to gamblers in some places, such as Africa. Online bettors there can expect things like Instant Games and other perks.

2. The Bulgarian site is accessible in English and Bulgarian

Many international betting operators are well-known for providing users with different language options. However, the Betway BG reviews show that the company is only accessible in Bulgarian and English. This may surprise some betting fans, especially those who reside in Bulgaria and want to use their native language.

Switching between the two languages is easy and takes a couple of seconds. Users simply need to scroll down and select the language option next to the odds format.

3. The site is safe to use

Because most people who want to bet online have no experience in the hobby, they often forget to check whether the given gambling site is safe to use. As a result, bettors can often find themselves in trouble.

Luckily, Betway is one of the most notable companies in online betting, which means it always uses the necessary security options. The company is licensed by Bulgaria’s authorities, which allow it to operate within the country. Furthermore, the site has a “safe and fair” seal from eCOGRA, a brand that sets the standards in online betting.

A gambling brand like Betway also uses a variety of additional security options. For example, the site encrypts users’ personal information.

4. Registering requires you to complete three steps

In most cases, online betting sites allow punters in Bulgaria to sign up as fast as possible so that they can start betting. Some companies only require their new users to provide an email and password, which attracts some bettors because they think these sites are worth it. Needless to say, this is usually not the case.

To be fair, the fact that a given site offers a fast registration process is usually one of the signs it may not be legit. If you compare such a brand to Betway, where Bulgarians need to provide a multitude of things, you will find several differences.

People who decide to register at Betway will have to enter personal and account information, as well as details about their address. The entire procedure lasts for a couple of minutes.

5. Bulgarians can use live chat and send an email when they need assistance

Some of the betting sites in Bulgaria may offer a variety of betting sections and promotions, but they have problems in other departments, such as the contact options. Luckily, Betway has more than enough experience in this business to know that providing users with enough contact options is of utmost importance. Therefore, the company offers live chat and email that gamblers can use when they have problems.

Although some bettors prefer to send an email because it is more convenient, others are fans of the one-on-one conversations. Hence, they use live chat, which can be accessed from the bottom-right corner of their screens.

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