The Jenners and Kardashians will be popular Halloween choices this year, especially if you add an accessory baby doll. (Image via TMZ)
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*Hits blunt* You want to know how I got these ideas?

Whether it be group costumes, a couples costume or flying solo as Hans Solo, spooky season is upon us, and now is the time to plan out how you’ll make your big impression on Halloween.

The best bet for an original and relative costume is to use this year’s infamous pop culture moments as inspiration.

1. Anyone from “Riverdale”

As if picking costumes wasn’t hard enough, now you have to argue with your friends over which couple in the group gets to be Betty and Jughead.

The “Riverdale” cast makes a great choice for costumes because their clothes are ordinary and attainable, making it much easier than most good ideas. (Image via Deviant Art)

“Riverdale” has a plethora of recognizable characters to mimic, and if there are some awkward love triangles in your friend group, which there usually are, even better!

2. The Kids from “Stranger Things”

Another fantastic group costume that’s lasted the test of time, any of the kids from “Stranger Things” are up for grab this Halloween.

Plus, depending on what season you’re on, there’s plenty of different Eleven styles to choose from. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be the one that gets to carry microwaved waffles around all night?

3. Sophia from “Mamma Mia”

This one’s for the drama queen who wants nothing more than to have long flowing blonde hair, randomly burst into song and dance and be on the search for the identity of her daddy, whether that be biological father or baby-daddy.

4. Offred from “Handmaid’s Tale”

“Blessed be the fruit,” and blessed are we by this dark and dystopian series. “Handmaid’s Tale” is everywhere, and because of the striking style of dress worn by the Handmaids, it’s recognizable by even those who aren’t awaiting Season 3 with bated breath.

Kim K. shows her best “Handmaid’s Tale” look here, which isn’t that accurate, but no one really cares. (Image via Twitter)

One of these fans, Kim Kardashian, posted a photo of herself in a similarly red-colored dress (color being the only similarity) with the caption, “waiting on the new season of handmaid’s tale like…” Not the most accurate cosplay, but it definitely says Kim K. all over it.

5. Black Panther (or Killmonger, Shuri, Okoye)

The “Black Panther” pantheon is too perfect to not be the choice costume of kids and adults everywhere. Whether it be the actual Black Panther, Killmonger, Shuri or Okoye, there’s no bad choice, just badass choices.

6. Deadpool (or Cable, Domino)

Cable and Domino are great, sexy costumes, but for the clown of any given friend group dressing up as Deadpool definitely has its perks.

Dressing as Domino is a great idea because her look is iconic, and Zazie Beetz is really having a moment right now. (Image via Fox)

You get to be keep your identity a mystery with a immediately recognizable mask, you get to crack jokes and puns to your heart’s desire and everyone will excuse any act of utter lunacy you perform as a part of your role. A great way to hedge your bets at a party where alcohol is being served.

7. The Glamorous Wrestling Ladies from “GLOW”

This series is a costume cosplay goldmine. With flashy, metallic leotards, big ’80s hair, the attitude of a luchadore and the aura of ultimate woman power, any character from the “GLOW” series is an excellent way to be remembered at any party.

Team up with some friends and demonstrate some well-rehearsed, well-padded wrestling moves. Nothing says sexy like a glitter headlock.

8. “The Incredibles” Family

The animated feature that was long-awaited by a generation now grown, “The Incredibles” family is the perfect group costume for an actual family.

Granted, none of us look as incredibly slim-thick as Elastigirl in a catsuit, or as buff as Mr. Incredible in all latex, but we’d like a reason to give it a try.

9. Any Kardashian Holding a Baby

Let’s face it, most of us would love an excuse to dress up like a Kardashian: perfect makeup, flattering tight-fit clothing, luscious wigs and curve for days.

However, to add some spice to a forlorn concept, throw in a baby doll with a Kylie outfit to reference her secret shocker pregnancy and newfound motherhood.

10. Pregnant Cardi B or Cardi B with a Black Eye

Cardi B in any attire or state is an excellent shout out to this past year’s music pop culture. Especially memorable are pregnant Cardi B costumes (perfect if you’re already sporting a bun in the oven) or Cardi B after her recent black-eyed walk of shame after trying to attack Nicki Minaj.

This one is a little bit controversial, but Cardi B herself would probably approve of the costume, so you can use that as your green light. (Image via TMZ)

Get a friend to be Nicki, and you’ve got yourself the perfect bad girl duo. Bonus points if you can master the “Okuurrr.”

11. “The Purge”

Last but not least, the Halloween costume that will never die. “The Purge” masks are a fantastic, low-maintenance and terrifying last minute fix, easily put together with a plastic face mask, some kind of brutish weaponry and bloody, ripped up clothes.

As long as this movie series keeps spawning horrific sequels, this costume will never go out of style.

This list could go on and on. Some honorable mentions include taking a side and dressing as either Eminem or MGK, although this costume requires you be able to spit at least a few bars on command.

Another great costume would be Elon Musk during his recent “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. Warning, you’ll knock socks off, but your stocks might drop off.

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