You probably have no idea what this means, do you? (Image via Twitter)
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You probably have no idea what this means, do you? (Image via Twitter)

Millennials have created their own rendition of the English language.

I think many would agree that words are fascinating. The way they evolve and take on new meanings throughout the years reflects the numerous ways people have adapted since the English language was created. The world has gone through many phases of semantic change, meaning the original meaning of words are strikingly different from the way in which they are used today.

Millennials are ultimately changing the way in which the English language is used through slang. If the language had never evolved, we would still be speaking in Old English and popular music, literature and movies that exist today would have never been created.

Older generations typically don’t understand our jargon, so I’ve constructed a guide to millennials’ favorite terms and phrases. Here are 14 slang terms that older generations just seem to not understand.

1. “Girlypop”

Girlypop is every sorority girls’ favorite way to classify their friends. It’s a general greeting that many college women use regularly to acknowledge their besties.

2. “Yeet”

Yeet is a word that takes on a variety of meanings. It can mean “no,” “yes” or can even be a general way to express excitement.

3. “Norts”

Norts are the ultimate fashion statement when you arrive at college. Norts began as Nike shorts, but now can include any shorts. They may seem extremely short when wearing them, but it’s just because those who sport them are wearing shirts that are three times their actual size.

Honestly, why would anyone wear fitted t-shirts ever again? (Image via Odyssey)

4. “Jorts”

Jorts are geared towards the men who love to show off their upper thighs. Jorts are typically crafted by the owners themselves from an old pair of jeans. Men are given the ability to transform into designers as they can choose the length, style, and cut of their Jorts.

5. “Pregame”

Pregaming is what many college kids do before their night stars. Pregaming involves consuming alcoholic substances before attending a night full of festivities.

6. “Headass”

Headass is typically used in situations where something idiotic is stated or done. It’s usually used in a jokingly manner that demeans another person’s intelligence. Although the use of the word sounds extremely mean, it’s quite hilarious and overall entertaining.

7. “Darty”

A “Darty” simply describes a party that takes place during the daytime. It often includes pools, tank-tops and bikinis.

8. “Finsta”

A Finsta is a term that is short for fake Instagram. The term is misleading because the page is designed to show off the real aspects of your daily lives that you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with followers on a regular page.

9. “Shipping couples”

When you ship a couple, it means that you support and endorse a specific relationship. You typically keep up with their every move and become extremely interested in the evolution of their love.

10. “Fomo”

Fomo is the fear of missing out. It’s ultimately a form a social anxiety that causes one to worry about missing an important event, opportunity or social outing.

11. “Trolling”

Trolling is an Internet term that involves people using rude language on an innocent bystander. Many get away with these actions because the internet hides their real identity.

12. “Power Move”

When arriving at a university, with thousands of other students, it’s easy to blend into the crowd. Therefore, power moves are extremely important. A power move allows one to establish themselves and take control upon a situation. These can include making a fashion statement or displaying your killer dance moves at the bar.

13. “Stan Twitter”

Stan Twitter consists of die-hard fans of popular music groups or celebrities. It’s a convenient way to meet others who share a common interest with you. Typically, these groups discuss their favorite celebrities, songs, artists, shows and usually compete with other fan groups who have differing opinions.

14. “Wig Snatched” 

Wig snatching involves someone putting a person who has spread lies and rumors on blast. It’s an act of exposing someone in order to reveal the truth.

It’s easy to look forward to the slang our own kids will use in the next 20 or so years. But for now, we will continue to use the slang we developed and confuse our parents and grandparents for years to come.

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