unpopular opinion
Think twice before embarking on an online fight (Image via Devrant)

Unpopular Opinions that Will Get You in Trouble on the Internet and IRL

The Internet is your free space, but beware of voicing certain opinions if you’re not looking to pick a fight.

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unpopular opinion
Think twice before embarking on an online fight (Image via Devrant)

The Internet is your free space, but beware of voicing certain opinions if you’re not looking to pick a fight.

Before the Internet, sharing opinions meant putting yourself out there in person and possibly get attacked by your peers. Nowadays, anonymity makes it super easy to spout all the thoughts going through your mind and avoid a heated face-to-face discussion. That kind of interaction will most likely come from revealing an unpopular opinion.

Going against the current of mainstream thinking is a surefire way to get you in trouble. From hating on “Star Wars” to loving “Justice League” and thinking Nickelback is a great band, here are some unpopular opinions that will lead to blood baths.

Beyoncé Is Not that Amazing

Queen B is revered for everything she’s done. From her time as the standout in Destiny’s Child to her rise as a solo musician to her role as an empowering female icon, Beyoncé has ticked enough boxes to make her one of the most popular singers in the world, even dropping a surprise album in 2013 that led to five million copies sold worldwide. Recently, she used her Coachella headliner slot to promote black culture with an “educational” set.

Being an inspirational role model and having a great voice isn’t enough for some people. For instance, a thread on Reddit featured this comment: “I genuinely don’t think Beyoncé is talented. She’s just a very well-marketed brand.”

This shows that the love an artist receives from the mainstream media doesn’t guarantee that everyone shares the same feelings toward a popular singer. People loved glam metal left and right in the 1980s, does that mean Poison and Mötley Crüe are amazing bands? Probably not.

“Game of Thrones” Is Dull

The world stops whenever the HBO hit airs. From the violence to the dragons to the incest and the excellent acting, it’s no wonder why audiences come together every Sunday to watch the show. The industry and the critics also agree on its attraction as the show won back-to-back Emmy Awards for outstanding drama series. Even with all of that, a proud few stay away from the fantasy after they give it a chance.

A Reddit user voiced his opinion on the matter, saying “I just can’t get engrossed in anything it presents and most of the characters aren’t charming or engaging enough for me to care whether they live or die.”

Once again, critical and general acclaims do not translate to the entire world loving a product. The show has done a good job of building a dedicated fan base, but that said fan base should understand that the show isn’t for everyone.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Is the Best of the Franchise

Fans of the space opera are definitely passionate. That sort of devotion led fans to denounce the latest entry and drag the Rotten Tomatoes score down to a paltry 47 percent approval rate, the lowest for the entire franchise. Because of this, lightsaber-wielding crowds will attack any fans who praise the film. Nevertheless, the people who loved the film deserve a chance.

Sure, director Rian Johnson took some risks with the comedy and Luke’s bitter portrayal and death, but positive things can come from shaking things up. The younger audiences, who are new to the franchise, may not necessarily know the “classic” Star Wars from the 1970s and 1980s, so this slightly fresh take has the potential to keep them interested for years to come. In the end, they are the ticket-buyers of the future, who can keep the franchise relevant.

The Beatles Suck

The fab four are widely considered the best and most important band of all time. They changed the face of music and inspired almost everything that came after them. On top of that, they managed to do this in a 10-year timeframe.

Some bands have been around for longer periods and haven’t influenced music quite the way they did. However, despite all of the achievements and music “firsts,” some people consider their music bland and not as interesting as everyone made it seem.

For instance, a Reddit user had this to say: “I always thought they were the Star Wars of music: groundbreaking and extremely important to the genre, but when you take a step back and analyze them in the same way as everything else, they’re alright.”

In terms of quality, people can think whatever they want about The Beatles, yet the band does deserve respect. At the time, they did something new and fresh. It may not be as cool now, but it served its purpose back then.

Starbucks Is Overrated

A grand chunk of the population can’t cope with a coffee-free morning. The power of caffeine allows them to start the day right and power through work or life in general.

Starbucks seems to be the unanimous go-to place for most coffee drinkers, so it’s no surprise the Seattle franchise gets millions of customers a day. Not only do they stand out as a morning pit stop, but they have also become the gathering places for study groups, homework sessions and more.

Delicious coffee and sweets aren’t enough to convince detractors. Reddit strikes again with a few words about this. “It used to be about the ambiance, the people who worked there were paid to get to know you and make you feel at home. Since the company wanted more $/hour, they stopped with the whole ‘third home.’

It is now just a more structured McDonalds.” People who don’t like the ‘bucks appreciate the customer experience of the past, but no longer feel the love and don’t want to pay more for less.

Of course, the above opinions are only a few unpopular ones out there. People are quite vocal now thanks to the Internet and it applies to both sides: lovers and haters. If you are going to put yourself on the Internet, you must go into it with a thick skin as people will usually “attack” whether you’re spreading a popular opinion or an unpopular one.

While some views may be lucky enough to go unnoticed, the ones above are examples of real controversy and are sure to gather many comments. Going against universally loved products/brands/artists is a no-no.

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