First-Gen Electro-Pop Musician LYYN Is Bringing Fresh Vision to House Music

The artist's latest release, 'Our Place,' has all the hallmarks of a viral hit.

Hundreds of independent musicians around the world dream of their big break, and LYYN, an up-and-coming indie electro-pop artist, holds a promising position in the race to musical success.

LYYN, a Chicago-raised and Brooklyn-based singer, debuted last year with her first single, “Out of Breath.” As the daughter of first-gen Chinese immigrants, she flexes her multicultural upbringing by seamlessly incorporating aspects of Chinese folk music into her indie-meets-house sound, which is especially prevalent in the single. “I’d describe my music as honest, introspective and cinematic pop,” LYYN told me. “My current sound comes from my love of everything from 1980s synth pop and dark wave bands, indie rock, 1990s/early 2000s R&B and electronic music.”

Thus far, LYYN has already conveyed her vocal skills and innate talent for relatable, movie-like lyricism. “Out of Breath,” as well as her new single, “Our Place,” display an impeccable twist of melancholy, meditative diction that really allows the audience to self-reflect.

“As a kid, I was always the artistic loner-type who would spend hours making crafts or listening to CDs in my room,” she said. Evidently, her introverted childhood personality has worked its way into her lyricism: her words cause listeners to sympathize, relate and recognize their own nostalgic sentiments.


“I trained in classical music for years and played piano and the oboe through middle and high school back in Chicago,” LYNN said. “I also dabbled in a lot of related things like drawing, writing poetry and fashion, so the pieces toward becoming a pop songwriter were always there. In college, I chose to major in something completely different and gave up playing music. It took me a long time to realize my love of music was something I could do as a job, but once it hit me, I started saving up money to learn songwriting and record songs. It’s nice to feel like I’ve come full circle back to the hobbies that interested me as a young girl.”

The Second Single: “Our Place

LYYN’s new single, “Our Place” was released May 17, just sixth months after her initial debut. The new release mirrors the vocals and production of her first single, demonstrating her unique, recognizable style as well as her commitment to the music industry.

The song begins with simple, delicate vocals and gentle backdrop beats that introduce creative lyricism on a thematic scale — the soft singing and mellow production echo the fragility of a newly broken heart. “Nothing ever lasts quite as long as a memory,” LYYN said. “I want to guide listeners on an intimate tour through my vision of New York, where a simple street corner sets the stage for thrilling romance or crushing heartbreak.”

Despite her wistful lyrics, however, LYNN’s incorporation of a background synth motif in her new release perfectly intervenes her crisp vocals to create a hopeful, bubbly energy. “For production, I re-united with collaborator Myles Avery to build ‘Our Place’ from the ground up,” she said. “The foundation of the track lies in the pulsing, constant groove inspired by house artists like Mondo Grosso. Also, I love the way the guitar sounds interplay with the synth chords to give a lyrically sad song vitality and hopefulness in the melody.”

Obviously, word choice has the power to shift mood in any type of song, but in combination with a contrasting beat, the tone of a song can alter emotions and perceptions drastically. This effect is exactly what LYYN accomplished in “Our Place”:

“Oh all these places we used to go

They’re just dots on a map now

Just reminding me of how

You once loved me,” she whispers in the single’s intro.

The unexpected partnership between hopefulness and heartbreak guides the listener into an intense nostalgia and period of wishful thinking.

“There’s sadness and longing in ‘Our Place’ for sure, but also notes of optimism and gratitude for the past,” LYYN explained. “This song is about the cleansing process of moving on and how finding solace in the sentimental can make you feel human again.”

Given her profoundly new experiences in the electro-pop business, LYYN seems to have a firm grasp on what her target audience craves — her lyricism, combined with her one-of-a-kind sound, is promising, and her eagerness and likelihood to succeed are flourishing confidently alongside.

If you would like to follow LYYN and her journey into the music industry, you can check her out on Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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