Photo of Summer Walker
Walker's listeners seem to have a special emotional connection with her songs. (Image via Instagram/@summewalker)

Summer Walker’s ‘Still Over It’ Has Women Everywhere Ready for a Good Cry Session

After a two-year wait, the American R&B singer is preparing to release her second album that is sure to have female fans in their feels and craving more.

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Photo of Summer Walker
Walker's listeners seem to have a special emotional connection with her songs. (Image via Instagram/@summewalker)

After a two-year wait, the American R&B singer is preparing to release her second album that is sure to have female fans in their feels and craving more.

Two years after the release of her debut record, “Over It,” Summer Walker is finally about to give women around the world what they have been craving — a new album.

The Atlanta-born R&B singer/songwriter planned to make her big announcement on the red carpet at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, she could not attend the event in person. However, Walker did not allow the minor setback to keep her from delivering her announcement to fans.

On Oct. 1, Walker posted a short video to Instagram. At the end, the words “summer walker album #2 coming november” were projected in pink letters onto the side of a building. Even without an exact date of when the album would be scheduled to drop, the internet exploded, and women took to social media to express how ecstatic they are for Walker to finally drop another album after two years.

From listening to Walker’s music and witnessing her social media presence, people may find it difficult to believe that the singer is an emotionally complex individual. On social media, Walker often presents herself as a social butterfly and sexual being, but on the red carpet and in person, people have often described her as awkward and closed off. As Walker has continued to thrive in the music industry, she maintains that she struggles with an extreme case of social anxiety.

In a recent Instagram post, Walker addressed fans’ comments about her social anxiety, explaining that she is more open and carefree with individuals she is close to than with strangers. However, the way she carries herself in public today has drastically improved from when she first began participating in interviews and making public appearances.

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Despite her battle with social anxiety, Walker effortlessly connects with her fans through her music. In previous projects, Walker’s music has delved into topics that hit home for many, including heartbreak, love, sexuality and the consequences of being under the influence of alcohol.

Women have had Walker’s first album on repeat since it was released, but the degree of preparedness that ladies have for the new album is on another level. With tissues on standby, female fans are anxiously preparing themselves for the emotional roller coaster that they are expecting from Walker’s new album, even if it means crying for hours on end while the album repeats in the background.

While it may seem torturous for audiences to intentionally play music that will leave them in tears, music is therapeutic for a lot of people, especially women. Studies show that music in general forces the brain to release a level of dopamine that improves a person’s overall mood, decreases stress levels and improves overall health. If Walker’s music can improve the health of her fans, the production process could aid the young singer in coping with her social anxiety.

Since Oct. 4, the anniversary of Walker’s debut album, the soft-spoken singer has been using her social media platforms to drop subtle hints about what fans can expect to hear on her new project. On the second anniversary of her first record, Walker dropped a visual, hinting that JT from the City Girls will be featured on her upcoming album. In the caption, she revealed that the official release date for her second album is Nov. 5.

Recent photos and videos that have appeared on Walker’s Instagram have shown the singer with other artists like Omarion, SZA and Sukihana. Fans have started to wonder if the images may be Walker’s way of hinting that the artists will be featured on the upcoming album.

Creative antics have maintained their anticipation for Walker’s upcoming album, which she recently revealed will be titled “Still Over It.” The singer and her team have created an Instagram page for Walker’s hard drive containing the “Still Over It” album. However, the album, which goes with her everywhere, is not on any ordinary hard drive: Walker had the album placed on a 14-karat rose gold hard drive customized by a company based in Los Angeles called Saint Jewels.

The hard drive’s Instagram has been used to keep fans up to date on any news and announcements related to the album. The most recent announcement revealed that Walker’s single “Ex For A Reason,” featuring JT, will debut before the full album gets released.

Besides having new music to blast while cleaning, driving or taking time for reflection, women are excited for this album because they know Walker will pour all her emotions into the songs.

While collaborating on “Over It” in 2019, Walker and record producer, rapper and songwriter London on da Track began their on-again, off-again relationship, which officially ended sometime in 2021, but not before Walker dealt with endless drama from the mothers of London’s other children. The couple also welcomed their own baby girl into the world before calling it quits. After the breakup, Walker became a single mother and is now raising her first child on her own, but the singer has often expressed how in love she is with her bundle of joy.

In recent months, Summer has hinted that she has a new man and might be on the path to finding love once again. With all the frustration, pain, newfound love and change that Walker has endured over the last two years, women are convinced that Walker will get a lot off her chest with the “Still Over It” album.

Many female fans are confident that the new album will have them curled up with a blanket and a bucket of ice cream while they sulk in their emotions. Some women may have just gotten out of relationships, but others are just looking for music that will let them have a good cry and then bounce back better than they were before. Either way, after “Still Over It” drops, relationship feels are sure to follow.

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