Jayy Von Monroe as both a member of Blood and the Dance Floor and as a drag queen

After Blood on the Dance Floor, Jayy Von Monroe Finds Redemption in Drag

Formerly a member (often under duress) of the controversial emo band, the young musician has embraced who they are and isn't afraid to let the world know.
February 8, 2022
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Those familiar with When We Were Young Fest will recognize the many talents that will be playing. Fans hope to revisit the nostalgic era of their emo phase, and for some, that time was never a phase. The lineup features older bands and newcomers alike; however, a lot of bands were also left out, leaving older emos to wonder what happened to them. A few fans made fake posters that aimed to draw attention to the festival. One poster, in particular, featured Blood on the Dance Floor, a band known for their vulgar lyrics and cringy makeup, and featuring band members Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe.

Where Is Blood on the Dance Floor Now?

While the band was formed in 2006, they didn’t last long, ending their music career in 2016. Dahvie Vanity, the singer of the band, faced multiple allegations of sexual assault, many involving minors. With this came a lot of hate from fans, which resulted in the band getting blacklisted from tours and music streaming sites. Blood on the Dance Floor’s merch was removed from Big Cartel in 2018 and their music was removed from Spotify and Google Play in 2019. By then, however, Monroe had already removed themselves from the band — they left the band in 2016 after seven years as a member, breaking up the band but paving the way for their solo career.

Who Is Jayy Von Monroe?

Monroe was born in August 1991 in Florida. The teen sensation started out by attending punk rock shows at the age of 15, just like many of their fans. This led to Monroe’s queer awakening and a career in drag. During their time in Blood on the Dance Floor, Monroe had already started practicing drag. Many knew they had a love for makeup, so this was no surprise. Yet, their time in Blood on the Dance Floor was not what they thought it would be. Monroe has since released a statement detailing the real reason they left the band: They faced abuse and threats to stay.

Where Is Jayy Von Monroe Now?

Years later, Monroe is now a successful drag queen. A drag queen is usually a male or nonbinary person who dresses up in “drag” to exaggerate female qualities. Some describe “drag queens” as female impersonators; however, the point is to overemphasize feminine qualities to call attention to the fact that they are not women. As RuPaul once said, “I do not impersonate females! How many women do you know who wear seven-inch heels, four-foot wigs and skintight dresses? I don’t dress like a woman; I dress like a drag queen!”

Monroe joined Season 2 of “The Boulet Brother’s Dragula,” a reality TV competition show that celebrates underground and alternative drag art, which distinguishes it from other drag shows. Monroe competed under the name “The Dahli,” but was unfortunately eliminated in the fourth episode of the season. They were brought back in “The Boulet Brother’s Dragula Resurrection,” but once again, they were eliminated from the competition. Monroe was then recast in the fourth season and won the crown of “The World’s Next Drag Supermonster” at the end of Episode 10.

Monroe’s drag name, Dahli — which references the famous Spanish artist Salvador Dali — was given to them by their drag mother, Lady O. In the world of drag, queens can acquire their names through a “drag mother,” making them a drag daughter; drag mothers and daughters have a mentor/apprentice relationship. Unfortunately, Lady O has since passed away. Monroe now has their own drag children, one of which is Astrud Aurelia, who also competed in Season 4 of “The Boulet Brother’s Dragula.” The other three drag children go by the names “Worst Nimare,” “Pup Dom” and “Boss.”

How Does Monroe Serve as a Role Model Now?

Monroe is a nonbinary biracial queer. They tested positive for HIV during their time in Blood on the Dance Floor but has since gotten medication and treatment. They now use their social media platforms to promote HIV awareness and adult sex education. Monroe is the third queen to come out as HIV positive but the first to do so on “Dragula.” They encourage all who may be HIV-positive to regularly get tested.

Although Monroe is no longer a part of Blood on the Dance Floor and claims that it was a band they were “regretfully a part of,” they are still involved in the music industry. Monroe is now a solo artist that incorporates their drag persona into their music. Their solo act, The Dahli, released three songs and one music video in 2021. Monroe’s music is a part of the dance and electronic genre and can be found on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and Pandora.

Despite entering the limelight for the wrong reasons, Monroe has come a long way. Many people don’t revisit their past because of the “cringy” trends they may be embarrassed about, but oftentimes, it leads us down a path of knowledge. Learning that a survivor of abuse is doing well and is an advocate for their community is great to hear. These people stood by us in our youth. Although we may have forgotten them as past fans, it doesn’t hurt to check out where they are now.

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