With summer halfway over, here are some great tracks to carry you into fall. (Illustration by Natashna Anderson, School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
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With summer halfway over, here are some great tracks to carry you into fall. (Illustration by Natashna Anderson, School of the Art Institute of Chicago)

Hot girl summer isn’t over yet. Keep the energy going with these jams.

Summer break is way too long. Somewhere between getting a lobster-red sunburn, hating your job and running out of Netflix shows to binge, you are over it. The mood has switched from HAGS to Summer Bummer, and you STILL haven’t completed that summer book report you’ve been putting off. Things aren’t looking great. But here are 10 energy-packed electro-pop recommendations to boost your spirits.

1. “LMK” by Mïrändä

“LMK” is a short, acrobatic electro-pop single by New York artist and producer Mïrändä. It’s simple and compelling, listless yet full of conviction.

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The light, smooth sounds of “LMK” convey longing, making it the perfect song for those of you who are summer-crushin’. But while Mïrändä sings, “If you want my love … let me know,” maybe it’s better to step up and let THEM know.

2. “hand crushed by a mallet” by 100 gecs

In their debut album “1000 gecs,” duo Laura Les and Dylan Brady break the genre, exploring every sound from punk to experimental. Their choppy, bold approach to music is something new and has earned them explosive popularity in only two months.

“hand crushed by a mallet” itself defies stereotypical musical boundaries; it’s somewhere between dubstep and emo-pop. The song is a confidence-boosting anthem for rhythm-breakers, game changers and rebellious summer shenanigans.

3. “Higher” By Quentyn ft. Josha Daniel

Following single “Higher Ground  (Pt.1),” producer Quentyn pairs progressive house with pop in yet another single, “Higher.” This latest release features the feel-good vocals of artist Josha Daniel and is perfect for your “get s—t done” playlist.

Both the lyrics and the production make “Higher” the definitive indietronica track to push you through a difficult workout or brighten up otherwise dull household chores.

4. “Without U” By Klo ft. Aviella

If you’ve still got “Summertime Sadness” on blast, “Without U” should be the next cathartic song in your playlist. Austin-based producer Klo (also known as Kait Clinard) and singer-songwriter Aviella team up to create a track that blends pop influences with euphoric EDM.

The chill track is hopeful and visionary, yet heartbreaking. “Without U” conveys a melodic depth that exceeds the young producer’s 20 years. It takes a step past grief — it’s a song about letting go.

5. “It’s Not Just Me” by Let’s Eat Grandma

Prissy British duo Let’s Eat Grandma conveys the nuances of navigating relationships in their track “It’s Not Just Me.” It’s a song about communicating shared feelings — both romantic and platonic. The song was released on their latest album “I’m All Ears,” which was co-produced by SOPHIE and Faris Badwan. The result is a blend of dreamy indie and edgy bubblegum pop that could be the introspective child of Grimes.

6. “The Less You Know The Better” By Icarus

“The Less You Know The Better” is driven by retro-electro synths, but Icarus plays with a little bit of everything. Hints of Daft Punk, 2015 alternative, 80s synth and even a guitar riff here and there all culminate in a mix that is equal parts punk, electro-pop, future and emo.

It’s music you’d likely hear on a show such as “Stranger Things.” In “The Less You Know The Better,” Icarus conveys the teen angst of the kids up to no good. It’s a song for the thrill of underage drinking and sneaking out. Just don’t try this at home.

7. “LA” by Boy Harsher

Channeling the synth influences that currently saturate the LA music scene, Massachusetts duo Boy Harsher transcend conventional electronic with their inclusion of danceable vocals. Their eerie techno-pop track “LA” channels desire, nightlife and vitality.

The minimal track transports you out of your poorly air-conditioned living room and into an underground club. “LA” is dark, it’s transcendent, it’s electrifying, it’s a must-play between DJ sets or at your next 90s rave-themed party.

8. “Kids of Paris” by Arrhut

Arrhut is made up of Swedish siblings Agnes and Abbey Arrhut. The sparkly duo might be young, but that doesn’t stop them from serving up the killer production that has brought them their popularity. “Kids of Paris” is a light-hearted and mainstream pop tune, featuring vocals from both Agnes and Abbey. It’s a motivational, a feel-good song, a mood-setter for both productive days at work and fun night swims at the pool.

9. “Leave It Now” by LAYNE

Feeling like summer ‘13? The black and white minimal aesthetic of single release “Leave It Now” might bring you back. Producer and artist Layne Putnam, or LAYNE, creates “inbetween” (or multi-genre) music, capturing nostalgic feelings that remind listeners of past lovers, Tumblr and your emo phase.

“Leave It Now” is for the left out and forgotten, for the winter romance that turned sour come summer break. So turn up the volume and leave it now.

10. “come thru” by ilo ilo

ilo ilo is perhaps the hottest new electro-pop duo on the block. Although their first release to Spotify was only last year, they’ve already signed with entertainment giant C3 Presents and have made their way onto electro-pop festival lineups with their magnetic, bass-heavy beats.

Their name, “ilo ilo” roughly translates to “come through,” which serves to show that “come thru” is one of their most fundamental tracks. It’s an airy, tripped-out tune that follows the earlier release, “come over.” It’s an anthem for champions of hookup culture, or maybe just the summer soundtrack for your festival crew.

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