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Goddess parties are the new functions in which women’s empowerment is celebrated.

I first heard about goddess parties in an episode of “I’m Sorry” where the main character, Andrea, is tasked with throwing a goddess party for her recently divorced female friend without coming across as insensitive or making fun of her because Andrea is just a little cynical. Yes, it does poke fun at the concept and goddess parties in general, but the overall sentiment of the episode is pretty great. That was my first exposure to the “goddess party,” which while not super popular yet, seems to be on the rise as a new trend in an era of women empowerment.

What is a Goddess Party?

Simply put, a goddess party is a party to celebrate womanhood and is attended by other women. Whether the celebration is a birthday, bachelorette party, a “rebirth” party or any other major or minor celebration, women get together in support of one woman or all of them as a whole.

There is not a resolute definition of what a goddess party is, so it can pretty much be molded to any use for any woman. Goddess parties also don’t need a definite event in order to throw one, so if a woman decides she wants to throw a goddess party for herself, she is well within her rights to do so. Of course, it seems like most goddess parties are thrown when there is a major change in a woman’s life, but they can also be used to help lift a woman’s spirit if she’s having a hard time or just needs some support.

The Different Types of Goddess Parties

Goddess parties are perfect for major life events in a woman’s life, so goddess parties can be thrown to celebrate brides, mothers-to-be or a birthday. Goddess parties don’t target a particular demographic either, so teens can throw or be thrown goddess parties for things such as graduations or major birthdays.

On the other hand, goddess parties can be thrown for more informational purposes like to learn more about self-care, embracing sexiness or learning about love. Women can go do fun things like learn to pole dance, meditate or learn about the five love languages (words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch). Women can also have goddess parties just to be in the company of other women and have a fun and different girl’s night out.

College & Goddess Parties

Goddess parties may seem like they are only for women who are actual “adults” with husbands, children or a stable job. That is not true, goddess parties are especially perfect for women in college because of all the stress they deal with every day in terms of the culture we live in, balancing a social life with a relationship, school and the everyday anxiety that comes with being a woman in college.

Goddess parties are all about empowering and supporting women and women in college can always use a little empowerment and support, even if they don’t always admit it. Women in college can throw a goddess party for a woman who is recently single, a woman who needs a little extra support or to celebrate good grades, the end of a school year or something like that.

How to Throw a Goddess Party

In all my official goddess party research, there is not a distinct instruction guide laid out on how to throw a goddess party. Of course, it all depends on the goddess party you want to throw. Bridal goddess parties will probably differ from how a baby shower goddess party is thrown, but the central theme of all goddess parties is empowering and supporting women.

Naturally, there are people who offer their services to help you throw a goddess party and have expertise in areas such as yoga/meditation, party planning, relationships or in life coaching. I have also found websites for people who host crystal goddess parties or parties with a focus on metaphysical, New Age kind of things. But honestly, goddess parties are just as easily thrown by regular people than hired party planners.

While they seem relatively inexpensive, it all depends on the type of goddess party you want to throw and how extravagant you plan the goddess party to be. Depending on the audience, goddess parties can be an all-out affair to celebrate someone or it can be low-key and focused more on general fellowship and all-around support for those attending.

Why Throw a Goddess Party?

I am a bit cynical in nature, so when I first heard of the concept of goddess parties I was a little skeptical of what they were and why they were thrown. But after learning more about goddess parties, they seem like genuine efforts by women to support women. There are a lot of women attacking other women, especially now in this hyper-partisan time and when sexual assault and harassment are a hot topic. If a goddess party is one way women can legitimately support and empower other women, that is a better use of a woman’s time than attacking or degrading other women.

Goddess parties are also just an excuse to throw a party with women whose company you enjoy. They are not as over-complicated, overwhelming or stressful as hosting dinner parties are, and they are not as crazy or uncomfortable as frat parties can be. Besides, it can be really nice to get together with your girlfriends and just have a night to yourselves or get together to lift one woman in particular. As a woman, being able to support other women is a great feeling and a goddess party is another way to do so.

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