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Cheaper, more fun and less stress, backyard parties are the move this summer.

Screw the bars and forget the club.

Get rid of the idea that turning up has to be at some establishment where you can’t hear yourself over the shitty music. In fact, I’d say it’s getting pretty boring trying to flirt with guys who can’t hear you and losing my friends in crowds drenched in cheap cologne.

Instead, go to your nearest liquor store and stock up your home. Create a weekend to remember (or drunkenly forget) in your own backyard with these unique ideas.

1. Slip N’ Slide Party

Sometimes your inner kid knows what’s best for you. Go to your nearest Toys “R” Us and pick up the inflatable slip n’ slide of your choice. What’s a more creative way to have a fun time in the comfort of your own house? Bring that bad boy home to set up in your backyard, invite your friends over, and go nuts!

Set the mood by turning up some bass heavy bangers, put out refreshments and set up the main attraction. Your guests might not appreciate the arrangement upon arrival, but once they attempt to use it they’ll discover the catch that makes this party dope.

The kicker: Access to the slippery beast requires throwing back a shot. If done right, going down the slide should become more and more fun.

2. Beer Olympics

A great opportunity to assert your love for beer and get really shitfaced while doing so. The basis of this event is to gather teams representing the countries of their choice, and battle it out for the gold. And when I say gold, I mean the grand prize of more beer.

Each team must participate in every event. Classic games include but are not limited to flip cup, shotgun relay and of course beer pong. One of the great parts of this event is that you don’t have to take part in the games to have fun. Being a spectator can still allow your guests to be part of the hype. As the energy of the Olympics heightens, watching their favorite countries chug their way to victory becomes increasingly rewarding and more fun to watch. And hey, just because they’re not in the tournament doesn’t mean they’re not throwing back beers as well.

3. The Classic Bonfire

A bonfire, one of the most personal ways to hangout with friends while simultaneously having a carefree night. My personal favorite, being that it has such a high success rate. Think about it, have you ever had a bad night at a bonfire? It’s a remarkably simple way to entertain guests.

You don’t have to whip out an acoustic guitar and sing kumbaya (or you can if that’s your thing). Put up string lights and play mellow music to magnify the charming aesthetic to the scene. On top of that, no bonfire is successful without making s’mores. Just ask the bonfire police. Indulge on these hot, melted snacks that we wait all winter for while sipping on a cold beer. Truly a recipe for late-night greatness.

4. Drunk Arts and Crafts

The name speaks for itself. Construct whatever artwork your inebriated mind compels you to make. Create your own masterpiece or attempt to recreate the Mona Lisa, it’s all in your hands. You don’t even have to worry about people passing judgment on your work because everyone’s drunk, hence no one has any judgment!

If you don’t have much to work with and little money to spend on supplies, the fun of this can come from making art with gathered materials found around the house.

Paint is my recommended material because it’s colorful, recreationally messy and easy to express your drunken thoughts on a canvas with. You can even go as far decorating walls, cars and even each other! Your backyard is your canvas.

5. “Pot”luck

This one requires more extensive planning, but the it’s worth it. Potlucks are a great way to get friends and family together by centering the attention of the event on America’s sweetheart: food. Attendees bring a dish of their choice to contribute to the party, but this isn’t the kind of potluck your mother goes to.

As if remorselessly indulging on food wasn’t a reason to show up, this gathering takes the spelling of the word “potluck” much more literally. The basis of this one is to come together with your best “buds” to share not just mouth watering food but have a grand smoke sesh while consuming your edible delights. The perfect balance!

Depending on the comfort of your neighbors, you might want to take this backyard party indoors. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Set up the floors with pillows and blankets for your guests to ensure maximum comfort. If you don’t mind taking the extra step, switch out your ordinary light bulbs with assorted colored ones to tie the look together. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to turn the smoke detector off.

Somewhere along the way we got caught up in believing a reckless night has to be somewhere far away from home. For that reason, nightlife establishments got to take on the role of giving us a good time. And although they tried their best, it’s become repetitive. Let’s take back the weekend and give it some real flare, because getting rowdy should have no limits.

So the next time you leave the local bar unsatisfied or call it quits with overcrowded nightclubs, remember that you have your backyard is a playland to be explored. All it takes is some effort and booze.

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