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Even with all the emojis available, there are still some missing that people would like to see.


Emojis have become a language of their own and with their large number available at your fingertips, words are not needed sometimes. The latest iPhone update has seen an increase in the number of emojis available, which included even mythical creatures, such as vampires, genies, mermaids and more, but among the new Apple emojis there are several that are still missing.

Here are seven emojis that Apple users are still waiting on and yet to see them on their keyboard.

1. Redhead Emoji

In the emoji keyboard, people have the option of picking people’s expressions in various different forms — shrugging, face-palming and other motions, as well as multiple occupations to choose from. With each choice, users have the ability to change the skin tone and hair color.

Available skin tones range from pale white to black with three varying shades in between. The options for hair color are blonde, light brown, dark brown and black. However, among all those options, the red hair is still missing.

With the choices of hair color, it appears that Apple is keeping in the natural range, but that still doesn’t explain why there is no redhead emoji. As someone who has red hair, I’ve been waiting for the chance to represent myself accurately, but had to settle for choosing either brown or black.

While there has been an expansion on races and genders available, there is still a portion of the population that can’t represent themselves. According to Jeremy Burge, the chief emoji officer at Emojipedia, a red-haired emoji is the most requested one since iOS 11.1 came out and apparently it will be a part of new Apple emojis coming out in the summer of 2018. Let’s see if Apple comes through this time.

2. Superhero Emojis

Marvel and DC comic movies have been rising in popularity ever since 2008 when “Iron Man” came out. After “Iron Man,” one superhero after another were brought into the big screen and both companies expanded their franchise beyond the range of movies, which leave us wonder why we have not seen Superman or Batman on the Apple keyboard. With newly coiled phrases such as “I’m Batman” populating our conversation everyday, the lack of superhero emojis is a serious limit to its expression power.

Some superhero options are available for download, but they do not look like they belong with the rest of your emojis (Image via Download Emoji)

According to, people can download a Marvel keyboard, but it is not integrated into your existing keyboard – it’s a separate apps and the emojies look nothing like the typical Apple emoji! Although you can have maximum 256 GB of memory in an iPhone, space is still precious, so having to download an app just to get marvel emojis isn’t ideal for some, and the animation difference makes them seem like stickers, not emojis. Superhero emojis, integrated into the keyboard, is much needed.

3. Planets of the Solar System

People have three different options for the Earth emojis and the moon in its different phases, but where are the other planets? There is even a shooting star emoji, but no other planetary related ones.

Just imagine how Saturn would look as an emoji with beautiful rings around it, or how charming Jupiter would appear. People who love and enjoy space would appreciate more options than just Earth. The other planets wouldn’t need three version for each of them; just one version is enough, which would mean eight new Apple emojis, if Pluto counts.

4. High Five Emoji

A high five is the symbol of agreement and comradery, but there isn’t a way to express this over text. Sending the word “high five” over texts can never convey the emotions as strongly as the slap of two hands, and “good one” is not synonymous to “high five” in any sense.

In this day and age, people like to go as fast as possible, and that’s why emojis have become so prevalent in texting. Something as culturally iconic as a high five definitely deserves a place among the emojis available. A good roast, high five. Did well on a test, high five. Finding a new emoji on the keyboard, also a high five.

5. Iced Coffee Emoji

The difference between hot and iced coffee is astronomical in the coffee world, yet there is only an emoji for hot coffee, not cold. This emoji, while representing the drink, doesn’t represent part of the community of coffee lovers. Apple has expanded the available options of emojis for drinks, but they are still nowhere near complete if I cannot send an iced coffee through text instead of a hot one.

6. Popcorn Emoji

In general, the food section for emojis is lacking, but I’m going to focus on one specifically that can be used in different ways: popcorn. Popcorn is the iconic symbol of the movies or can be used to represent activities beyond the movie theater, such as sitting on the sidelines and watching gossip going down. People can’t deny that when something juicy is about to happen, they pretend to be doing something while listening in. Popcorn fits in so many different contexts that it deserves a place in the universal language of emojis.

7. Facial Hair Emojis

With all of the face emojis available, there is something still missing. Where are the emojis with facial hair? There was a big trend with people being obsessed with mustaches, so why not create an emoji with a mustache? No-shave November would be much more fun if someone could use an emoji to show the length of their beard, and those with facial hair will not be left out.

The option of facial hair can be integrated in the same fashion they incorporated different skin tones and hair colors into facial expressions. There could be options of having a clean face, a mustache, or a beard as you browse your emojis to better represent ourselves.

These are just seven emojis that have yet to grace the emoji keyboard and there are many more that have yet to be developed. With more and more emojis being incorporated into the Apple keyboard, an efficient search option is much needed for users to navigate around the library as well. With just a few months until the summer event, let’s see which wonders they will make with the universal language of emojis.

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