4 Things to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle

Whether you're looking for a 'Motorcycle Diaries' vibe or 'Hell's Angels' look, make sure you know what you need to be road-ready.
September 7, 2017
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Motorcycles are one of the summits of manliness. Why? Because unlike cars, they extend a visceral experience, one that mandates skill, mental involvement and risk management. On a bike, you cannot sip mocha, play with your phone or daydream the time away. This is because your senses are on a high alert, and your life literally depends on two small patches of rubber linking you to the road.

Honestly, for a people of a certain generation there was no better sight than that of Marlon Brando in the outlaw biker film “The Wild Ones” or the famous Fonzie (Henry Winkler) from “Happy Days.” Perhaps these guys perceived what we have just figured out—riding a motorbike makes you smarter, as it taxes your brain.

So, let us presume that you have passed your test without much ado and you have the balance, coordination and right frame of mind to ride a two-wheeled machine. The cash in your pocket is making you restless and you are visiting several dealerships on a Sunday morning, looking for a motorcycle. Here are four things you may consider when buying a bike.

1. Weighty Considerations

If you primarily ride in a stop-start urban environment or regularly heavy traffic, you need to consider the weight of the motorcycle carefully. This is because once you are on the move, weight is not much of an issue. You should know that some bikes considered small are, in reality, extremely heavy. For example, the Sportster, which is Harley-Davidson’s smallest model weighs around 550 lbs.

It is critical to treat manufacturer’s weight figures with circumspection as some are dry (excluding the weight of petrol, oil and related fluids), whereas others are wet with a ready-to-drive weight. Nonetheless, the only way to ensure an appropriate bike weight is by riding it yourself.

2. Ergonomic

The most pragmatic thing to do when purchasing a motorcycle is to consider the seating position. Bikes are offered in drastically different sizes and shapes, and so is the human body. Therefore, test drive a motorcycle for size. You will discover that the ergonomic experience of driving will differ diametrically from bike to bike. For instance, that stylish sports bike you thought was so hip could stress your wrists to the point of soreness. Alternatively, that cruiser may win over your heart with its low seat and controllable centre of gravity.

It is admissible to mention that standard seating position is the easiest for beginners courtesy its weight and power output.

3. Battery

You have seen it in the movies as well as in real life when in a crunch situation someone tried starting a motorbike only to discover that it is as dead as a doornail. A motorcycle battery is fundamentally an electrical storage device that retains electric power by utilising a reversible chemical reaction between the acid and lead in a battery. Despite not being that visible, a battery plays a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of your two-wheeler.

It is crucial to consider which type of battery goes with the motorcycle you intend to purchase for future replacements. Specifically, there are three types of bike batteries:

Type 1) Wet cell batteries that are also known as conventional batteries, lead-acid batteries and flooded-cell batteries.

Type 2) Dry cell batteries that are also called sealed-type batteries and maintenance-free batteries.

Type 3) Gel motorcycle batteries that are also known as gel-acid batteries and gel-filled batteries.

Later on in the future to avoid irritating replacement costs, make sure to buy your batteries from well-known and recommended suppliers. I would highly recommend the motorcycle batteries at Hardwarexpress if you want to ensure an extended lifespan.

4. Price

The price is deliberately not the first consideration in this article, because a motorbike is often a passion purchase. This is because the cost you pay depends on the type of bike your heart desires. If you are purchasing from a credible, experienced auto dealer, then he or she can also facilitate financing.

You are less likely to make a cash-conscious bike purchase, but are more likely to spend a little extra to buy a motorcycle your heart spotted. Albeit, the majority of us mortals have our cash limits, but if you are fortunate enough to have the means to acquire something special, there is no reason you should not go for broke and splurge!

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