What You Should Actually be Doing Your Senior Year

What You Should Actually be Doing Your Senior Year

Jobs and loan payments will take care of themselves, but that season of HIMYM isn't going to binge-watch itself.

Seniors Need to Buckle Down and Concentrate on What College Is Really About

Jobs and loan-payments will take care of themselves, but no one is going to binge-watch HIMYM for you in the real world.

By Kelly Byrne, University of Central Florida

As a senior in college, it’s inevitable to panic about the unpredictable futures that in a few short months will become realities.

Seniors are struggling to find internships (or jobs for those of you who have your shit together) that will hire us even though we don’t possess the five-plus years experience any of these companies request.

While we’re busy fiddling with the harsh realities of becoming adults, we’re neglecting the real things we should be worried about.

This is a crucial time to take advantage of everything your university and college town has to offer before you roam around the real world naked and afraid. (Okay, maybe afraid, but hopefully not naked. Unless you’re into that kind of thing, then kudos.)

Access to a Gym

My dad always said running is the best form of exercise, simply because it’s free. I can assure you my dad only says that because he’s never been to a gym a day in his life.

And although technically the gym isn’t free because it’s included in my tuition, I choose not to think about that when I’m double-fisting burgers on the elliptical.

Plus, I don’t know about you, but in the last four years I’ve grown way too accustomed to dressing up in my workout attire just to make it look like I’m proactive about my health. There’s no going back now. Sometimes I even make it to the state of the art gym on campus and spend forty-five minutes using out the machine that looks like an evil dentist chair to “activate” my glutes.

Take a Road Trip With Your Friends

The last semester of college reminds you of high school when you realize all of your friends are going off in different directions. Cue the “Graduation (Friends Forever)” song.

Unlike high school, though, the place you live now is probably not the majority of your friends’ hometown. The chances of seeing them frequently after college are pretty slim.Even if they stay in the area, your schedules could be completely different and you might not make plans as often as you used to because of your new lives.

Plus, you were probably just using Danny from freshman year for chem notes anyway, so it’s about time you say sayonara.

Besides, chances are you’ve made some pretty close bonds over the past four years and are hoping to end your experience with a bang. That’s why now is the time to plan a road trip and let loose!

Go to Concerts and Comedy Shows

Remember all of those free events your school throws just for fun? You might want to experience at least one artist that peaked in 2010.

Why? Even though they might not be your top choice for entertainment, they’re usually completely free! And it gives you the opportunity to be in the front, awkwardly motioning your hand up and down like you’re dribbling an invisible basketball, alongside the rest of your peers.

Midnight Food-Outings

Most of us are taking for granted those infamous late-night runs to Steak ‘n Shake to stuff our fat asses during the 2-5 happy hour.Steak n Shake's Up All Night Menu

Unfortunately, I can’t picture myself as a (insert profession here) knocking on my roommate’s bedroom door with a hankering for a double-chocolate fudge milkshake, but at least now it’s still OK to venture off in flannel pajamas and score some greasy cuisine.

We’ll cry about the decisions we made the night before as we eat our Eggo waffles and stand on a scale, but the cycle never gets old. Plus, those late-night outings also lead to…

Abnormal Sleep Schedule

You’re contemplating whether or not you want to begin binge watching “Orange is the New Black” or “The Office” even though you have class at 9 AM, which happens to be in three hours. Your main concern is graduating in four months, but you’ve officially embraced the “C’s Get Degrees” motto.

You’ll look back and think of all of the great shows you missed out on when you had the time, so use these last couple months to cram a bajillion TV series into your daily schedule.

Plus, if the Internet hasn’t spoiled the identity of A on “Pretty Little Liars” for you, that’s a bandwagon you should be hopping on immediately.

Occupy All of the Local Bars

You might’ve already done this when you were a freshman because you were rebellious enough to have a fake I.D. and stealthy enough to not have it taken away, but checking out the popular bars in the area could be an adventure.

Picture yourself twenty years from now driving your kids around your old stomping grounds, showing off all of the cool hangouts back in good ol’ 2016.

“Look, kids! My girl Becky flipped that table during finals week!” and “That’s where Becky just squatted down and relieved herself on the sidewalk!”

Side note: We all deserve a friend like Becky.

It’s a chance to make some wacky memories with your even wackier squad before you become responsible law-abiding citizens.

Go to a Sporting Event

What sport season is it? Baseball? Basketball? Something with a ball? It doesn’t matter. You should get your butt out there and support one of your school’s teams.

Sure, your team might suck, but college is a short period in your life and you might as well root for your soon-to-be alma mater while you still go there. You can ra-ra-shish-boom-ba and go all out in school spirit for the experience.

Visit the Quirky Places

Most, if not all, colleges have outskirts that consist of unique places that students need to check out. Depending on where you live, there’s mom-and-pop-shops, beaches, nature trails, coffee shops, antique stores, etc.

Whether it’s a strip club that serves breakfast all day or a natural spring with freezing water that makes you feel like Jack from the Titanic, there are loads of hot spots to go to before you graduate. It’s better to check them all off of your list and explore ASAP!

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