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Top Public Schools in Tennessee

Here's some info about education in the Volunteer State.
May 6, 2021
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Tennessee is famous for the 22nd largest school system in the USA. It is successfully serving around 1 million students in public schools. These students are proficient in math, English, chemistry, U.S. history, and biology. To graduate, Tennessee students should earn 22 credits in different subjects, along with three credits of social studies.

If you want to move to Tennessee for studies, it will be great to learn about the best institutes. For your assistance, here is a list of the best schools in Tennessee.

Merrol Hyde Magnet School

Merrol Hyde Magnet School is one of the best schools for advanced placement coursework. The school is committed to K-12 education excellence with Paideia philosophy to educate a child’s body, spirit and mind. It will nurture and encourage the love for education in kids.

This school focuses on foreign languages. They challenge students to develop rigor at an augmented speed. Paideia is a philosophy to educate the child. You will find student-centered classrooms in the school where teacher-directed lessons help students through discovery learning.

Mcfadden School of Excellence

It is an academic magnet school serving K-5 grade students. Mcfadden serves around 390 students. Students of this school are proficient in math, language and reading arts. They want to provide a solid foundation for students in their lives through high academic promotion and technology integration. Students can study in a supportive and safe environment.

Hillsboro High School

Hillsboro high school is the oldest public school in Tennessee. To prepare students for life-long achievements, Hillsboro depends on instructional technology. This technology is useful to teach behaviors, knowledge and skills. As a result, students can become responsible citizens in this community.

For excellence in education, it is necessary to integrate this technology into educational programs. Students can use it in different ways for communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity.

Clovercroft Elementary School

It is a highly rated school with more than 750 students in K-5. Students are proficient in reading and math. The school is located on the east side of Franklin in Williamson County. Staff and faculty are dedicated to the success of students. They regularly work to build the intellect and character of children.

They work hard to build a love for education in students. Their teachers are capable of designing engaging lessons with the right academic rigor to satisfy the needs of students. Clovercroft School gets endless support from the community, and it is the main reason behind its success.

Lockeland Elementary School   

Lockeland School serves over 500 students in K-4 grades. The school is working to provide a foundation for students to fulfill their academic needs. As a result, students become lifetime learners by taking part in research-based, rigorous and instructional academic programs. Students can complete their education in a nurturing and safe environment.

It is one of the best schools for high achievement, and compassionate and critical thinking. This school is working with supportive communities, engaged parents and passionate educators. It is committed to realizing their mission and beliefs.

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