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Common Topics for College Essays

Writing a college essay requires students to switch on their creativity and fulfill the assignment. The process can be flawless until the students are requested to choose the topic on their own — that’s where issues take place. Here is a list of great ideas that will surely work.
October 21, 2022
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When students submit their college admission papers, they often have the option to pick what type of essay they would like. According to statistics, most applicants consider writing my essay with a personal statement. Other students prefer to choose a topic for an essay on their own. Whether you pick up a popular theme for discussion or something more intriguing and unusual, you won’t go wrong — the project’s style and content are more important.

Whatever your ultimate goal is, it is a marvelous chance to show off your personality from a new perspective, providing a nice touch to the information provided in your CV and other application materials. If there is something special you won’t hesitate about telling the college committee, just do it. Writing about things your find admirable and enjoyable will be appreciated.

Don’t forget that you have to consider the given prompt — understanding it will enable you to match the expectations. Stay tuned to get acquainted with the most prevalent essay themes.

Topic No. 1 — Your Favorite Book

Your response should never be a summary of a book. Instead, students should explain whether they liked the story and how it influenced their mood and understanding of the world. If you find something that resonates with you personally, feel free to mention this in your essay.

Honesty is appreciated. Just as you should avoid so-called big words when you write a personal statement, you should also avoid analyzing literature you don’t understand just to appear wiser and smarter. It might be philosophy or scientific work, for instance. Writing smoothly and enthusiastically about a subject you care about has always been preferable to speaking hesitantly or broadly about something that does not excite you.

Topic No. 2 — The Outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic

For this kind of topic, describe the impact COVID-19 has had on your well-being, hobbies, studying routine, etc. It doesn’t matter whether your tale is full of extreme consequences and intrigue — it is a topic that can help you reveal how well-rounded you are in life. A committee would prefer to hear about your views in a sincere and open manner. Discussing how depressed or miserable this period made you feel, especially during the lockdown, is not the best track. Rather, you can take it as an opportunity to show that you are ready to find unique resources for self-improvement under pressure and stressful circumstances.

Topic No. 3 — Your Passions

Identify a concept or idea that keeps you so engrossed that you fail to stay aware of the time. Why are you so enthralled by it? Whenever you set time to learn more about it, what information resources do you use and why?

This paper subject will be the right choice for the applicant who wants to bring something creative and unusual to their storytelling. The best way to appear sincere, appealing and natural is to consider the themes that generate so many different emotions in your heart and thoughts in your head. This involves bringing the college application staff into this part of your universe. Your passion for the topic will let them understand what kind of distinct viewpoint you can bring to class.

Topic No. 4 — Your Talents

You can talk about a strong talent or identity; if that is what paints a well-rounded portrait of yourself and describes you as a creative individual, don’t hesitate to use this piece of biography. For example, students are welcome to pick up anything that might have shaped their ethnic, intellectual or cultural background. Whether you are up for cosplay, gaming, etc., it doesn’t matter how connected this passion is to the discipline you will study at college. If it boosts your self-esteem and sense of connectedness to the universe, why not? Just use these little tricks to reveal your true nature and talent, letting your CV and other materials become more personalized.

Topic No. 5 — Your Attitude to Hardships

The insights people learn based on their setbacks might be crucial to their long-term success. Tell the story about a period when you were confronted with a problem. What effect did it have on your personality and mindset? What outcome did the story have? What conclusions did you make to avoid this failure in the future? Answering such questions from the prompt is a good tactic for students. Although most of them have never dealt with huge hardships, it is still a valid topic. Feel free to use this opportunity to convey how strong you can become and what determination you have to succeed. Instead of using empty words, enrich your text with illustrative examples, demonstrating your individual tenacity and resilience.


If you still don’t know what topic is the right option for you, just prepare a few sketches. When the inspiration comes and you have something to share, just keep up with the writing. After the initial version is finished, ensure you edit and proofread it carefully. Your attention to detail will let your essay shine and your personality will stand out through the text.

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