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Four of a Kind: The Only 4 Professional Academic Writing Services You’ll Need in College

You will need all kinds of help during college, have no doubt about that. These four services will provide any assistance you might need in terms of custom writing and problem solving.
September 30, 2022
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Can a student solve all the studying challenges a college or university throws at them without any help? Of course. Can all students do that? Of course not; that’s why some of them don’t meet deadlines, get poor grades, or even end up dropping out of school. If you’ve experienced something of the above or feel that you’re at risk, you can definitely take advantage of specialized academic paper writing services. For a reasonable price, these websites will write an original essay according to your topic and individual requirements or solve STEM assignments within the time frame you set. For every custom writing company out there, it’s a highly lucrative business. For the majority of educators, it’s cheating. For many students, it’s often salvation and the most efficient way to get something done if there’s no way it can be done single-handedly.

Here are the four best websites to hire professional academic writers and STEM experts and resolve virtually any writing and calculation challenges during your time in college or university.

PaperHelp.org – A Long-Established Company To Hire a Skilled Academic Paper Writer for Customized Service

PaperHelp.org is a time-honored player in the custom writing industry and a frequent participant in the best academic writing services lists and ratings. Here’s why this happens and which features PaperHelp users mark out most of all.

First off, the PaperHelp website has been taking orders for academic writing since 2008, which makes it one of the oldest companies in the market. They started as a small team of former and current students who have been crafting original essays for fellow college students. Over time, the organization grew up into a full-fledged writing service where students can order any type of academic paper, STEM and programming assignments, Q&A services, different admissions papers and various special projects (e.g., online lectures to summary, speeches, business plans, exam notes, capstone projects, etc.). You can also choose the level (high school, undergraduate, bachelor, professional) and academic writer category (basic, advanced, TOP) to get the best result. Such flexibility is often mentioned in customer reviews on independent feedback platforms as one of PaperHelp’s biggest advantages. Yet, most often, users point out a highly personalized approach by the service’s customer managers, writers and support agents. In practice, it shows in assigning personal managers to orders, acquiring clients’ individual instructions, providing the opportunity to contact the assigned expert directly, quality assurance, free revisions and 24/7 live support.

In addition to these major features, PaperHelp has many other useful components, describing which would take too much space here. The main thing is that in the end, all these things make PaperHelp a great choice to ask “Write my paper“ and one of a few writing services you might need in college, whether you’re in humanities or exact sciences and need anything in between a simple essay and full-scale degree paper.

Notable fact: According to PaperHelp’s own 2019-2021 statistics, students most frequently order essays (over 51%) of an undergraduate level (60%) with a deadline from 3 hours to 3 days (almost 60%).

WowEssays.com – Professional Academic Writing Service With Plenty of Useful Supplements

Another one-stop-shop writing service students can use to deal with the many issues they might experience while studying carries the telling name WowEssays. One might say it’s a bit pretentious, if not pompous — so, let’s see if it is justified.

To begin with, WowEssays.com is a comprehensive custom essay service with rich expertise and a broad range of products. Writing from scratch according to your specific instructions, problem solving, editing and improving your paper – you can get all of this done by writers with relevant academic backgrounds and experiences. Combined with a flexible pricing system, various deadlines, and over three dozen paper types available for download, it makes WowEssays one of the top-choice academic writers sites to go to in case you are ready to pay several dollars for an expertly completed assignment.

Along with the stuff that you can purchase, you can also benefit big time from things that WowEssays provides absolutely for free. For example, one of the largest free sample databases that includes close to 100,000 entries. Or a directory of over 30 free writing assistance tools, for instance, generators of different parts of essays (title, thesis, introduction, summary, etc.), checkers (grammar, readability, plagiarism), converters, calculators, and other utilities.

Notable fact: WowEssays has a sister website called WowAssignment.com that focuses on the STEM area in general and programming assignments in particular. So, if you need coding or computer science help – that’s the website you should visit in the first place.

EssayPro.com – Perhaps, the Largest Academic Ghostwriting Service Out There

One can hardly find a student who has ever considered ordering a custom paper online and hasn’t heard about EssayPro. This is by no means a surprise as EssayPro is arguably the largest custom writing website on the Web with a 20-year history of operation. All imaginable kinds of papers, STEM assignments, questions and problems, editing and rewriting – their experts can do all of that.

A prominent feature that distinguishes EssayPro from the vast majority of competitors is that it uses a bidding system, letting users single-handedly select a freelance academic ghost writer out of those who applied to fulfill the order. Typically, other companies have customer managers match order requirements with writers’ skills to find the best-suited expert. On the one hand, a bidding system is a good way to find the cheapest option. On the other hand, it lays all the responsibility for the end result on the user. This might be some kind of a fuse to protect the company and its clients from possible legal actions by the government and educators.

Anyway, it’s not uncommon to see that customer feedback and an expert EssayPro review call the company arguably the best academic writing service and praise the low prices. If you are sure about your ability to choose the best writer, the combination above can be extremely beneficial to your performance.

Notable fact: EssayPro has five academic levels, which is different from the traditional four-level approach – school, college, university, master’s, and doctorate.

EduBirdie.com – High-Quality Academic Essay Writing Services From a Company with a Controversial Reputation

The fourth service on this list is EduBirdie – a company well-known for two things: decent-quality papers and a scandal over paying famous YouTubers for advertising. The latter was a big thing in 2018 when the platform was forced to remove hundreds of videos with influencers promoting a discount code for EduBirdie’s services. Yet, as 19th-century showman Phineas T. Barnum once said, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Especially if you really make a good-quality product, in this particular case – academic writing help services.

Curiously, EduBirdie employs the bidding system and, just like EssayPro, lets customers select academic essay writers by themselves. This means it has the same advantages and risks as mentioned above, as shown in this EduBirdie review. Alternatively, they are ready to choose “the best writer for you” for a nominal $9.99 fee. These little marketing tricks, however, don’t deny the fact that they can deliver a neat academic paper of any kind and EduBirdie’s ability to get you through rough times in college.

Notable fact: EduBirdie doesn’t support a division into academic levels while the ordering procedure. On the one hand, users are held responsible for selecting an expert; on the other hand, it gives you unprecedented freedom of choice.

What a Reliable Company Should Have as to Academic Writing Services Reviews

This article has presented quite possibly the four best websites to hire professional academic writers online. However, you must understand that this list is a result of thorough research, careful analysis, and yet subjective conclusions. You can trust someone else’s expertise or decide to look for a company of your own choice. In case of the latter, take into account these crucial features of a reliable academic essay writing service:

  • Have a good online reputation that you can check on independent customer feedback platforms, online communities, and forums. Preferably, this should go along with a long history of operation.
  • Ability to provide an individual approach thanks to a set of measures that include following clients’ specific writing instructions, direct communication with an expert, revisions to improve your piece, and 24/7 support.
  • Delivery of content originality report – for free or at an additional payment.
  • Set of rock-solid guarantees, including but not limited to customer confidentiality, payment safety (compliance with PCI DSS), user data no-sharing policy, timely delivery, etc.
  • Simple and straightforward money-back policy.
  • Round-the-clock live customer support easily accessible via multiple channels.

It’s necessary to stress that custom writing services don’t typically do live tests and online assignments instead of students. If some website offers such a service, you must be cautious — most probably, it’s a scam.

To sum it up, you should understand that addressing any writing help service cannot replace studying itself. However, it’s a good safety precaution in case there’s no way you can accomplish this or that task or assignment for some reason. And if you find yourself in such a situation, it’ll be up to you to decide whether to try to deal with it single-handedly or turn to an online writing service. Should you choose the latter, you can try to find an appropriate company by yourself or address one of the four listed above. In any case, we truly hope this post will help you get through college – with or without external help.


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