Options for Advertisers

As an online resource read by millions of college students across the country, Study Breaks offers an outlet for advertisers aiming to reach the college audience. However, since our fidelity lies with providing the student readers with content relevant to their interests, we are very selective with the branding opportunities we offer.

The user experience and trust derived from those efforts is what makes advertising on our platform or print edition a great partnership for a limited number of advertisers.

A graphic by illustrator Yunyi Dai, a MICA student, for an article promoting the best spring break destinations for students.

Online Advertising

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Original stories that students love to read is what we are all about. If we can get them to seamlessly incorporate your brand, then the message comes across and is better accepted. If you are interested, use the form below or email us.

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Would you like to add a link on relevant content? Our students have written thousands of articles in which your link might be a good fit. Sponsored links are an easy way to promote your brand and are our most affordable option. If you are interested, use the form below or email us.

Display Ads

Display ads are commonly found at the top and bottom of websites, as well as in the sidebars and in the middle of articles. The ads in these spaces take different forms, such as banner ads, video ads and native ads. For more information, visit studybreaks.com/direct-sales.

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