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There’s a lot on the internet, and not all of it is good.

Today, the internet is expanding at a rapid rate, and no one is unaffected. With its increasing reach, it has become important to save our children from the harms of the internet. Although the internet offers a wide range of knowledge, it also features explicit content that lurks in our devices every time we encounter an ad.

Therefore, one needs to set up parental controls for their devices with a top parental control app such as the FamiSafe parental control app.

What is Famisafe?

FamiSafe is a user-friendly parental control app that offers various features to help control children’s offline and online activity. The app gives you alerts and reports on your child’s online activity. This app, with 1 million downloads, has proven that it is the top parental control app.

What does this app have for you?

FamiSafe lets you keep an eye on your child’s devices and lets you know if they come across any age-restricted content. Moreover, this app also lets you block those apps beforehand.

Provides an Activity Report

If you are curious about your children’s mobile usage and you want to know what they do all day on their mobile devices, this app will provide a report on their daily phone activity.

Keep track of Your Child

It is common for a child to leave the house to take classes. Therefore, a parent needs to know their child’s whereabouts to make sure they are safe and sound. FamiSafe lets you keep track of your child’s movements.

Block Inappropriate Apps

Your child may have installed some inappropriate apps on their device without your knowledge. These apps could prove to have a very bad effect on their upbringing. This app lets you block those apps from your child’s device to keep them safe.

Monitor Screen Time

One can always find a child wasting a lot of time watching YouTube videos or playing games. The screen time feature can be used to keep a check on their screen time and lets you set screen time limits on any app.

Restrict Web Searches

When your child browses the internet, you don’t know what they are searching for. FamiSafe lets you see your child’s browsing history and helps you block harmful websites.

Monitor Driving History

With its Driving History feature, this app helps you develop healthy driving habits in your child.

Remove Suspicious Photos

If you are concerned whether your child is sending private pictures to someone, then use FamiSafe to scan your child’s phone gallery and delete them permanently.

Block Suspicious Text

Many children spend much of their time on YouTube. This app lets you monitor what your child searches and prevents them from searching any adult content.

Starting with FamiSafe?

Step 1 — One can easily download the FamiSafe app and FamiSafe Jr on your child’s device from Play Store or Apple Store

Step 2 — After you register yourself on the sign-up window of your device, log in with that account on your child’s device.

Step 3 — Once you have registered yourself, pair both devices and grant all the required permissions.

Find a suitable plan

FamiSafe has three types of payment plans for its users.

Monthly Pack

The app offers its monthly plan for $9.99, which includes access to your account from five devices.

Quarterly Pack

This plan lets you pay $19.99 every three months at $6.66 per month. This plan will give you access to your account on 10 different devices.

Annual pack

The yearly subscription of this app not only costs just $4.99/month ($59.99 yearly), but it also supports 10 devices.

FamiSafe — A Smart Choice

One needs to keep an eye on their child’s online and offline activity. FamiSafe, with its advanced features, keeps your child safe from malicious websites and age-restricted content.

With its advanced geofencing and drive-monitoring features, FamiSafe ensures your child’s safety when they are away from you. Moreover, the app sends you alert messages if something goes wrong or if your child violates any of your set parameters.

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