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Relationships aren’t easy, and making time for a therapist can be just as difficult. Here are some options.

Relationships are challenging and sometimes it requires couples to seek out professional counseling to make them work. More couples are becoming open to online counseling because it offers more convenience than in-office therapy — especially regarding price, location and time since therapy sites allow clients to have sessions that match their schedules.

Many different sites currently offer counseling services to clients, and thus one might have a hard time choosing the right one. So, here is a compilation of some of the best sites you can consider when seeking a relationship counselor online.

1. Calmerry: The Best Teletherapy Site

This is a recently developed site that offers both individual and couples therapy. It was introduced in 2019 to provide support to people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, they have quickly established themselves as one of the most reliable therapy sites online.

Calmerry therapists are all certified and have years of experience. The service offers clients 30-minute sessions with their specialists where couples or individuals can discuss their issues and receive the help they need. The service charges $45 per week; however, clients can opt for higher-priced plans for extra perks.

Payment is easy, and you can use any of the main cards; however, they do not take insurance. In sessions, clients choose to communicate through either messaging, voice call or video chat, depending on their preference. The platform complies with HIPAA and protects its clients in terms of securing their therapy information. You can follow Calmerry on Twitter here.

2. Regain: Best for Tailored Services for Couples

For clients seeking a service that exclusively offers couples counseling, Regain is your option. The platform is very balanced, offering simple navigation and easy scheduling. They have a simple registration process that starts with clients filling out a questionnaire.

They then answer non-intrusive questions about themselves to provide the therapists with some information before sessions. This online counseling site allows clients to share any preferences regarding therapists in terms of gender and even age. Clients can use aliases when acquiring therapy in case they wish to preserve their anonymity.

The platform matches clients with counselors using an automated system in a process that can take up to 24 hours. Individuals choose their sessions based on their availability. The counselors on this site are licensed individuals with at least three years of experience.

3. Talkspace: Excellent for Unlimited Communication

Talkspace is among the most renowned therapy sites online. They claim to have assisted more than a million clients since their launch. The platform has positive reviews from clients and has even featured in some major publications. Their registration process is simple, and you can always use an alias. All new clients have to go through a consultation session where a therapist asks them some questions regarding their issues. The consultation therapist provides several recommendations for therapists within their ranks, and clients will then choose who they prefer. You will be put in contact with the therapist within 24 hours.

The platform provides a safe place for both children and adults to acquire counseling, provided the children have video consent from their guardians. Their counselors are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with various relationship issues such as intimacy, infidelity, finance, parenting, etc. The site charges around $65 a week for couples therapy where one gets unlimited messaging.

They support payment through all the major cards and even allow insurance payment and paying through employers.

4. Growing Self: Best Site for Dating Coaching

The platform focuses more on relationship counseling — marriage counseling, coaching for dating and premarital relationship therapy. Growing Self pricing system is based on the education levels of therapists. For example, the basic price for an entry-level counselor is $95 per week.

This price goes up to $105 for a Master’s level clinician and $150 weekly for a doctoral level counselor. The platform offers lengthy 45-minute sessions to clients in which they can discuss their troubles and find solutions.

Clients can always extend their sessions, but it will charge them extra according to the rates. The platform offers a solution session where clients can discuss their issues with the therapists and develop a written action plan to help deal with the situation.

5. Couples Therapy Inc.: Best for Couples Seeking Counseling and Retreats

The platform is exclusively for couples counseling and even has couples retreats for clients for a fee. Clients first undergo an initial assessment to learn more about them and their reasons for therapy. The assessment contains three main stages. First is a couples interview where the therapist asks questions and monitors responses and fighting patterns.

Clients will also complete questionnaires about themselves and the predicament they are in. Finally, there are individual interviews for the couples to find out more about them individually. The assessment takes about 1-1.5 hours, and clients will later be provided with feedback from the session.

Couples Therapy Inc. offers three different prices for their counseling services, priced at $119, $159 and $199 weekly. With this platform, communication with counselors is via text, voice and video calling. They also allow couples to join sessions even if they are in different locations. The couples retreats offer starts from $3000 for a weekend.

6. Pride Counseling: Excellent Therapy Site for LGBTQ

This service is for individuals of the LGBTQ+ community looking for relationship counselors online. The platform offers relationship counseling and also mental health counseling. The platform was developed to provide the LGBTQ+ community with a safe space where they can communicate their issues without fear of discrimination.

The site is a branch of Betterhelp and has quickly gained a positive reputation among clients. The site offers highly qualified therapists with years of experience in handling various mental health issues and offering counseling. They charge about $60 a week for counseling, which is an okay price for therapy online. Pride Counseling complies with HIPAA guidelines, and it allows clients to use nicknames during registrations should one feel the need.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right platform for relationship counseling online is tricky. It’s a choice that spouses have to make together to ensure the right results. The six options that have been provided are all reliable ways to help couples work through their challenges. However, choosing the right service for you ultimately relies on your preferences. So, it’s advisable to analyze them and figure out the site with the features that suit you best.

Kate Skurat has a B.S. in Psychology and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and has worked in healthcare since 2017. She primarily treated depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, and grief, as well as identity, relationship and adjustment issues. Her clinical experience has focused on individual and group counseling, emergency counseling and outreach.

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