This January, Study Breaks is dedicating its magazine to highlighting the talents of five student photographers. Winners from across the country will be given a two-page profile, followed by a four-page showcase of their work.

To enter, students must submit five photos.

The first, because it will be considered for the cover of the magazine, must be a vertical shot, 8.875” wide by 11.375” tall. The other four photos, which will accompany the photographer’s profile inside the feature, can be of any size. All photos should reflect the applicant’s style and artistic sensibility. Works from a series are as equally encouraged as unrelated images.

Use your student email address to send the five photos to, along with the subject line “Study Breaks Photography Contest.” In the body of the message, please provide your name, school and major, as well as a brief introduction. Attach the photos as JPEGs, providing a Dropbox link if the file is too large.

After being notified of their selection, winners will be asked to submit a self-portrait.

The contest ends November 10th.
Good luck!