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With the Trump-Pence duo steadily approaching the Oval, American citizens quickly immortalize the Biden-Obama bromance that won’t be beat.

The Memes That Started It All

With the Trump-Pence duo steadily approaching the Oval, American citizens quickly immortalize the Biden-Obama bromance that won’t be beat.

By Terry Nguyen, University of Southern California

The undying bromance between President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden has served as a beautiful symbol of teamwork, brotherhood and trust between the two leading men of American politics for the last eight years.

As the nation prepares to take on a new era of government, the mischievous side of social media decided to embrace America’s most treasured bromance in a hilarious series of memes—giving a humorous twist to the pair’s unique relationship.

With just a little over a month left until President Obama leaves the office (with VP Biden right behind him, of course), the memes are a wonderful dedication to the legacy that the two left behind.

The Iconic Biden-Obama Bromance and Why It’s So Unique
Image of Obama-Biden meme

From an outsider’s perspective, the President and his VP appear to be two different men: Obama, a young senator from Illinois when receiving the presidential bid, and Biden, a longtime seasoned politician who was reelected to the Senate six times.

During the 2007 Democratic primaries, there was even a hint of rivalry between them, as they both sought to be their party’s nominee for the 2008 presidential campaign.

When Obama picked a man 19 years his senior to be his running mate, many raised concerns about the men’s differences, even in personality traits. The two showed notable distinctions early on in the campaign trail, especially since Biden had already ran for president twice, unsuccessfully.

In recent presidential history, vice presidents appeared to be closely aligned with their running mate until the later years of their presidency. Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush maintained strained relationships with their VP toward the end of their respective terms.

With Obama selecting a running mate who seemed uniquely different from him since the beginning, many foreshadowed difficulties in the long run for the pair.

Today, however, with the Internet exploding with Biden and Obama memes, the opinions of many experts were profoundly refuted as the nation took joy in celebrating a partnership turned bromance between the two politicians.

The Iconic Biden-Obama Bromance and Why It’s So Unique
Image of Obama-Biden meme

VP Biden played a critical role in implementing the 2009 Recovery Act and was appointed by President Obama to oversee it. In 2012, Biden openly admitted to supporting gay marriage, and a POLITICO article claims that he “forced Obama’s hand” in conceding his support for the movement.

In an interview with NBC news, Biden said, “It’s never useful in my view for a president and a vice president to disagree, not just in public, even among closest advisers. He’s got to know he can come to me and whatever he says to me, will stay with me forever.”

Biden’s statement was politically unique, since the relationships between the president and his VP have been unusually strained throughout history, even stemming back to George Washington and John Adams.

An article outlining the relationship, historically and publicly, recorded by the nation’s presidents and vice presidents reveals, “It is clear that most Presidents look at their Vice Presidents and see their own mortality… see [him] as a rival… have disdain… and often do not support [him] in his Presidential ambitions.”

As close as they appear, the relationship between Biden and Obama has substantially evolved from their eight years in office together.

It regained national attention in May 2015 as Biden’s son, Beau, died from brain cancer and Obama spoke at the funeral, remarking Biden as his “brother.”

“I’m grateful every day that you’ve got such a big heart, and a big soul, and those broad shoulders. I couldn’t admire you more,” the President said. The emotional embrace that followed soon after the speech would be reincarnated into a meme a year later.

The Iconic Biden-Obama Bromance and Why It’s So Unique
Image of Obama-Biden meme

Historically, many VPs seek their own presidential bid after the term, which distracts from the current president’s agenda and can lead to conflicting political ideologies. Biden, however, was described by a White House aide as “loyal” and never having “his own politics.”

In June 2015, Biden announced that he would not be pursuing a presidential bid, as Obama stands by his side. The two men wore matching ties, which many on Twitter remarked as a symbol of teamwork.

As if this political bromance couldn’t get any better, in an effort to increase and encourage voter registration, President Obama teamed up with Buzzfeed and an app called TurboVote to create a video that showed things that are more difficult than voting.

In the video, Obama can be seen struggling to make a friendship bracelet for his vice president in the Oval Office. On Obama’s birthday, Twitter was reminded of the bracelets through VP Biden’s tweet of the bracelets, saying “Happy 55th Barack! A brother to me, a best friend forever.”

The Iconic Biden-Obama Bromance and Why It’s So Unique
Image of Obama-Biden friendship bracelets

Toward the end of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, the two continued their tag team efforts in denouncing Trump’s unfit temperament to serve as president, especially in regards to foreign policy.

Following the results of the election, Facebook and Twitter users attempted to distract one another from the Trump win by letting loose a series of memes that captioned the unforgettable moments of the Obama presidency.

It featured photos from the White House photographers, with hilarious captions reminding us of the bromance and strong loyalty held between Biden and Obama. An NBC article coins the relationship of the two “a political marriage” that has only gotten stronger as time wore on.

Biden and Obama have shown us the meaning of #friendshipgoals throughout their time in the White House. As the Trump Train prepares to take over the Oval Office, the recent history of Trump and Pence suggests that their relationship will not rival the iconic bromance of their predecessors.

Even on the campaign trail, Trump and Pence have visibly disagreed in their statements. In the second presidential debate, Trump stated a claim about Syria that contradicted with Pence’s statement. “He and I haven’t spoken,” Trump remarked before he reinforced his opinion on the matter.

Although time will tell how Trump and Pence’s relationship will be shaped in the political arena, Twitter and Facebook continues to celebrate the Biden and Obama bromance that will be remembered (in memes) long after they leave the Oval Office.

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