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Did any of this even happen?

The year 2017 marks the year Donald Trump took office and, for the most part, everyone pretty much thought it was by some miraculous accident. This past year has been filled with bizarre, unrealistic and fake news to say the least. From FBI scandals to Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, it’s actually pretty difficult to distinguish what’s real from what’s not. Here are some of 2017’s biggest fake news claims and scandals.

1. President Trump and Congress abolishing child support laws after 2017.

Thank you React365 for fueling the web with this complete, flat-out prank. Apparently, Trump and U.S. Congress voted to end child support payments by the beginning of 2018. There are no facts that could even back this up.

The president can’t eliminate this payment — only court orders are able to. People can blame it all on Facebook and tmzbreaking for spreading this news all over the media, where all of us gullible, social-media buffs fell into the trap.

2. Thirty-six-year-old Marlon Jensen was arrested for selling Chuck E. Cheese coins as Bitcoins., a satirical news website, claimed that Marlon Jensen scratched out the Chuck E. Cheese logo and replace it with a “B” drawn on in permanent marker. First, Bitcoins aren’t a physical form of currency (pretty positive it’s completely web-based).

Second, Chuck E. Cheese actually dropped using tokens in 2016 and replaced them with cards. It was a good laugh for non-Bitcoin users, such as myself.

3. A 425-pound teacher was suspended for sitting on a student’s head and farting in his mouth.

Okay, what? Apparently, Ann Margaret, the teacher, did this to get back at a student who was saying daunting remarks to her about her weight. In response, she lifted her skirt up (according to, she also wasn’t wearing underwear) and sat on the young student’s face.

To take action, the Des Moines District School board suspended Ann for two weeks with pay. The student was deeply traumatized by the sexual abuse. Good thing none of this actually happened.

4. Eighteen-year-old teen pleads not guilty in livestream crash that killed her 14-year-old sister.

Unfortunately, this is something I wish was fake news. Obdulia Sanchez was live streaming on Instagram while drunk driving, when she crashed and continued to record that she killed her sister. On the live stream she said, “I f***king killed my sister, ok. I know I’m going to jail for life…This is the last thing I wanted to happen.”

Her friend in the back thankfully survived, but was severely injured. Sanchez was taken into the Merced County Jail for DUI and vehicular manslaughter shortly after the incident that happened July 2017. Don’t live stream and drive.

5. Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) is pregnant!

Well, according to National Enquirer, the sex-swapped celebrity wants to soon hire a surrogate and “experience motherhood firsthand.” Her kids all know about it but Kris Jenner doesn’t. Apparently she’s seriously considering adoption.

Simultaneously, rumors about her daughter Kylie Jenner being pregnant are also swirling around the media. No sources have confirmed either of these pregnancies. None of the family members have talked about it and neither Caitlyn or Kylie have either.

6. Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to a year behind bars due to currency fraud.

The reality star of Lifetime’s television series “Dance Moms” was put behind bars for one year and fined $40,000 and was ordered pay a $120,000 judgement fee. I feel as if we all saw this one coming. Honestly, I’m glad she’s in jail for currency fraud and not something worse.

In 2015, the dance coach and studio owner was indicted of twenty bankruptcy charges. Two years later, she’s finally in jail for violating court laws during this indictment. Unfortunately for “Dance Moms” lovers, this isn’t a joke.

7. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai slid in a pornstar’s DMs on Instagram. claims Ajit Pai messaged the pornstar asking to take her out for dinner sometime and posted a fake exchange of Instagram messages between the two. The screenshot of the messages easily went viral on Twitter.

The fact pornstar Mia Khalifa made it public that’s she’s against the decision to repeal net neutrality and that she’s not a fan of Ajit Pai lets us know that this was most definitely a fib. While Mia Khalifa has a history of publicly shaming people who “slide in her DMs,” the messages were clearly fraud since she posted this tweet.

8. Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech.

Could this be considered fake news? I think that could be based more on a matter of opinion. We’re all almost positive that a team of writers wrote the speech for Melania, despite her claim that she wrote it with “as little help as possible,” so she isn’t completely to blame. Hours after she addressed the speech, social media and news outlets began making the two speeches easily comparable to each other by placing them side-by-side.

Melania’s speech undoubtedly was filled with honesty and hard work, but any bias perspective could distinguish the parallels between her speech and Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008. Whether this is piece of information is fake news or not is up to the eye of the beholder.

9. Joel Osteen took a grand voyage on his yacht through hurricane Harvey, passing out copies of his book, “Your Best Life Now.”

The Lakewood Church pastor initially received a lot of crap for closing off his church to flood victims and basically disappeared in the midst of it all so he didn’t have to deal with it. According to The Babylon Bee, Osteen took a luxurious tour of the flood caused by hurricane Harvey on a yacht named, “the S.S. Blessed.” All at the same time, he distributed copies of his book to people — I’m sure that’s exactly what flood victims needed at that point in time. The Babylon Bee is actually a satirical Christian news website. This story is hilarious, selfish and, thankfully, untrue.

I think it’s safe to say that 2017 was a year filled of outrageous scandals, fake news and news we really wish weren’t true. Let’s hope 2018 will top it in the best (and worst) ways possible.

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