The Study Breaks Remote Editing Internship

Study Breaks is a print magazine and website written and photographed exclusively by college students, and we are looking for three student editors for our spring internship.

What You’ll Do:

In general, edit.

Based on a schedule that accommodates your classes, for a period of twelve to fifteen hours every week, student editors will edit, fact-check and upload articles to the website, then provide brief feedback to the writers of the pieces.

You will also have weekly, individual feedback sessions, in which your editing will be reviewed. In addition, your edits will be reviewed by the editor to ensure they are grammatically accurate and attuned to the Study Breaks voice.

What You’ll Receive:

While striving to preserve the spirit of the writing, you will practice and improve fundamental editing skills, such as correcting typos, fixing stylistic errors and punctuating phrases appropriately. You will work with our writing guidelines to ensure all material is properly formatted, as well as work to clarify unclear passages or misworded phrases.

In addition, you will also learn the basics of WordPress, a host used by many modern publications. Uploading to the site requires you to create certain content as well, such as titles, descriptions and captions, which requires a degree of creativity on your part.

You will network with dozens of student writers from across the country, in addition to your editing partners and the Study Breaks staff. Your name will be included in the masthead, and your profile will be featured on the website. Your aptitude for editing will increase after months of practice and feedback, which will in turn improve your writing and analytical capacities.

The Specifics:

The spring 2018 program runs from January 7, 2018, to May 7, 2018, and applications close December 25, 2018.

In order to qualify for the internship, you must be a college student majoring in English, Journalism, Editing or some related field. To apply, please fill out the forms below, listing “Study Editing Internship” in the subject, describing yourself in the body of the message and attaching two non-fiction writing samples.