Getting to Know: Frannie Sheinberg

Frannie Sheinberg, a.k.a. “Flave Fran,” has become notorious in the Texas State community for her freestyle rapping, positive vibes and vibrant personal style.

Photography and Interview by Madelynne Scales, Texas State University

The 22-year old Texas State student has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD, none of which have stopped her ascent to campus-wide fame.

Sheinberg became popular within the Greek community in 2014, and since then her positive influence has reached the masses. Sheinberg has performed as the opening act for Fight Nite, as well as Mr. Bobcat, a philanthropic pageant for Delta Zeta.

These kids in my ninth grade class were freestyling, and I didn’t even know what freestyling was but I just did what they did. Then word got around that I could rap.”

I’ve done the opening act at The Marc for Fight Nite, I performed for the Miss Bobcat Pageant the past two years, and I performed at Mr. Bobcat this past year. I’ve performed at Low Hoop [a fraternity-organized basketball tournament], and also at Fight Nite itself.”

I really like Greek life, and I’ve always had an interest in it because one of their biggest things is philanthropy. I love philanthropy and charity work.”

I was really really worried about coming to school, and even my parents discouraged me from going. Everybody told me not to go. My parents said, ‘Well, we’ll see you back home at Thanksgiving, because we know you’re not going to make it past then.’ All the odds were against me, but I don’t give up that easily.”

I would always write stories and poems when I was growing up, and then when I started rapping it was really relieving—it was a good way for me to express myself and be myself. It felt natural.”

It was back in 2009. Flavor Flav, the guy with the big clock, he was kind of popular and some kids started calling me Flava Fran when I would rap. And the name stuck.”

Yo hey all you I’m Flava Fran/Kanye West can’t do what I can/I be sittin up all day in the studio/and I wish right now I could be eatin some froyo /‘cuz yeah we all know ice cream’s my favorite food/I’m here with Madelynne, she’s putting me in a good mood/word.”

I feel that it can show people who I am. It’s my lifeline—it’s how I connect to others. You know, it’s my connection to the world.”

“I hope that my raps can help people be happy with themselves. That’s one of my biggest things: I want people to be happy with who they are and to see that they’re perfect.”

Of course I have some haters and that’s kind of hard, but I’d like to say that most people like it.”

Delt is the fraternity that has really helped me out. They’ve really made such a positive influence on me. They’ve helped me really learn to love myself for who I am. They’ve shown me that just me as myself is really OK.”

I just want to be a lot of things. I want to write books for sure, but I’d also like to be a motivational speaker at schools, design clothes and maybe be a librarian.”

Yo me and Madelynne just did the best interview/and that’s life coming from Frannie, the rapping Jew/word.”

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