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These men know the difference between Louis Vitton and Versace.

The Unsung Fashion Icons of 2016

Under-the-Radar Fashion Icons

These men know the difference between Louis Vitton and Versace.

By Gabriela Hernandez, Kansas State University

The year just started and fashionistas across the world cannot stop raving about the latest styles on the runway.

The competition was fierce, but 2016 might be the biggest year for fashion history yet. Celebrities are turning heads with their exquisite outfit choices and shopaholics cannot get enough. Who said men don’t know anything about fashion? Move over, Kanye, Yeezi’s got nothing on these sophisticated stars.

Hugh Glass

Between fighting off grizzly bears and surviving in the wilderness, this legendary frontiersman still takes the time to look effortlessly fashionable. Glass has always been passionate about the latest style, even risking his life for a fur trading expedition.Hugh Glass's OOTD

Even after being abandoned by his besties, crawling more than 200 miles through hostile territory and not having a single drop of gel, Glass still managed to dress like a winner. His go-to piece is a puffy fur coat, which he made with his own hands of course. Glass likes wearing original creations, because he doesn’t believe in paying other people to do his dirty work for him.

After killing probably fifty people, sleeping naked in a horse and freezing in the middle of winter, Glass was finally able to get enough fur for his iconic piece. He likes to accessorize the statement garment with a full beard, long hair and a fur hat—even the vegans love it.


Bringing in an estimated $248 million in North America alone, the long-awaited Star Wars film is ruling the box office galaxy and we all know why. Critics worldwide are already calling The Force Awakens” the “the hottest fashion show to date,” and creatures across the Solar System have been waiting for the appearance of the beautiful bucketheads we call Stormtroopers.

Stormtroopers are the main ground force of the Galactic Empire as well as the most admired soldiers by Fashion Police. The elite troops have worn their classic, white suits since the 70s and we cannot get enough.

Stormtroopers are notoriously private characters. But while they might be mysterious and passionate (probably Scorpios), they also believe in looking classy af so they wear a thick white helmet with their suit.

They changed the world for the better the day they wore white two weeks after Labor Day. At first, every fashion designer banned the soldiers from entering their stores and reading Vogue, but citizens across the galaxy voted against the rule and now we’re allowed to wear white after Labor Day. So next time you put on those white jeans in the winter, look up to the sky and thank those brave Stormtroopers for changing fashion history.

Steven Avery

Born in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, Steven A. Avery is known for his great fashion sense. In fact, his sartorial know-how prompted Netflix to release a 10-episode series about his struggle with orange jumpsuits and murder.

The documentary showcases Avery’s passion for fashion, as well as the dramatic struggle of a style-icon who loses his ability to choose his OOTD.Steven Avery's OOTD

Avery was first incarcerated for a wrongful sexual assault conviction, and then later was arrested for the murder of Wisconsin photographer Teresa Halbach. When he was first arrested in 1985, he struggled to accept the fact that he would have to wear jumpsuits every day of his life.

But now Avery is a role model for fashion students everywhere, because he took on the hardest challenge of his stylistic career and turned it into something spectacular. Avery is a great example of how perseverance and creativity can change something so mundane as a jumpsuit and make it into something special.

Now he’s is inspiration for TV shows across the world, from “Orange is the New Black” to “Prison Break.” We should all thank our lucky stars that Avery’s influence helped convince prisoners to wear orange jumpsuits instead of purple ones.

Jon Snow

Not only was Jon super chivalrous and kind, he was also very, very easy on the eyes. John is the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell who decided to make his own legacy by serving on the Night’s Watch but then died—that is unless Melisandre brings him back, which she will.

Jon Snow's OOTDJon went through some hard times when dumb Ygritte broke his heart and got killed, but he made a comeback and his outfits were better than ever. Celebrities all over the world strive to be like Jon. Jamie Dornan and even The Prince of Wales are wearing dark colors this season because of this fashion warrior, who had better be coming back this season.

On a typical day, Jon rocked a thick, heavy coat, gloves and boots. His stylists always argued that he should wear less or even tighter clothes, but he always refused. He didn’t believe in showing off his body since he wanted to remain pure after the Ygritte situation—You know nothing, Ygritte.

Jon was very humble and did not like being the center of attention, so he wore very dark clothes, browns and blacks, never lighter than gray. Designers all over the world pray that Jon will make an appearance in the spring, and honestly, so do we.

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